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Friday, August 20, 2010

Try, try again

You would think that after this steaming pile of atrocious blunders, the O wouldn't send the same reporter out on the Kyron Horman case. But no, here she is again today:

[I]nterviews with more than a dozen friends, relatives, former colleagues and neighbors paint a complex and contradictory picture of a woman with immense personal charm who can be both supportive and self-centered.... [N]ot one said they could imagine that a woman who has devoted so much of her life to children could have been involved in his disappearance.
Editors: Please, please, stop embarrassing yourselves.

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Classic Sociopath.

I didn't find this an embarrassment for the O; I found it an interesting personality study that put together all the pieces that have been scattered all over the media in an unordered way. The writer made this a timeline of Terri's development over the years.

As for the writer saying "not one" of her interviewees believe Horman would hurt Kyron, I say: nobody thought Jeffrey Dahmer was capable of eating people either in the early days of that case. We all know people with quirks but making that jump to killer or torturer is pretty hard for most of us. (Some would argue that some cops make that jump way too easily.)

As Tom said, I think the comprehensive profile shows Terri Horman might have some sort of psychological condition that very well could have resulted in a psychotic break, which may have led to harming Kyron or stashing him somewhere.

Steaming pile is correct.

I did not have the time other than just scroll through the pile in two minutes... Evelyn Wood would be proud of my speed reading of this pile. But it is still two minutes of wasted time (4 minutes if you include this scribble).

A sad saga indeed... some people's lives are really mixed up, sad to display it for all to see.

I just could't read it ether.
"True crime novels" are not my favorite reading.
I find them depressing.

Steaming or not, it brings the readers the Orgasm desperately needs.

Hardly surprising. Tis been the media's MO for awhile. If we ever find out what did happen and step-mom is guilty, they'll trot out all manner of silly excuses for her.

The article reads like a Nora Roberts' novel.

It did do one thing. This issue of the Oregonian sold better than toilet tissues.

Aw, Mr. Whipple you squeezed it!

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