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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

State's budget hole gets even deeper

We're up to a billion now. That $250 million in lottery money for the Milwaukie MAX line sure looks tempting, doesn't it?

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C'mon, if we close a few more schools and shorten the school-year and throw some more grannies in the snow then we can afford the Milwaukie MAX!!!

It's all about priorities.

The natives are supposedly going to demonstrate this Wednesday at cityhall against TriMet for its proposed five cent fare increase for buses and also cuts in bus service. The natives don't seem to see the connection between the maintenance budget drain of these lightrail boondoggles and the cuts in bus service. They also don't seem to understand the huge on going cost of TriMet employee healthcare and retirement plans.

Oregonians can't even get their civil disobedience right.

Gosh, Bob!

Why can't I find anything in the "O" about this demonstration that actually involves Portland citizens expressing their views beyond being able to wave "happy hands" at City Hall sessions?

To their credit, though, there is this:


Too bad the weather's cooling down. Another week of high 90's and maybe more blood would boil.

Oh, and by the way...

Here's what video coordinators in the private sector expect to earn:


Complete waste.

Here it comes...
"We'll have to open the prisons and close the freeways if you don't surrender and give us that sales tax..."

Isn't this why we just voted additional taxes onto ourselves? Wasn't that supposed to make everything good, and make rainbows appear, and puppies fall gently from the sky?

Oh wait, raising taxes in a down economy is the dumbest possible thing you can do? If only someone could have predicted this...

MSF..and schools would ALL be fully funded forever. But wait..Grant High and other music teachers laid off this week. Stupid, stupid, people running the show.

But Jack, how can Milwaukie become a world class city if we don't squander that $250 million on a budget-busting light rail line?

With apologies to the Beatles....

I read the news today oh boy
Two hundred fifty thousand holes
And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Capitol.

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