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Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's just another night

A reader writes:

Your Welches con man David Wilson came into Chopsticks II on East Burnside about 6:30pm Sunday night Aug 1. He struck up a conversation with the bartender. He was standing right beside me. After he started his stolen truck story I told him I didn't believe him and said his face was recognized. He left without saying a word. I showed the bartender your blog posting -- she was thrilled. He hasn't changed his appearance at all.

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With the increasing amount of recognition this con man seems to be getting I would imagine relocation is being considered.

As we were waiting for the Beat the Drum rally I looked over at the Steel bridge and there was David around 11:30 AM. We could not stop laughing as he turned to go to the Rose Quarter. They had something going on at the same time.

The rally was well attended and bittersweet. Really puts things into perspective.

"I would imagine relocation is being considered."
Don't underestimate the geographic scope of this blog. Maybe once he realizes the futility of running away from his notoriety, he will get a real job. His con man image should prove a major benefit to a career on wall street. Then he can use his skylls to make some real coin.

Keep calling him out. It's got to be really freaky when people he is trying to scam turn out to know everything about him.

I want to be able to go beyond that with him to get to, "Hey, why do you do this?"

Sadly, I'm reminded of an encounter a few years back, where a guy at a barbecue restaurant gave me a similar sad sack story. He really needed money to get home, and could I please help him out? It might have worked if the guy wasn't wearing snazzier clothes than I was, and if he hadn't done so while waiting for a pickup order for him and his wife, who was out in their Lexus.

The problem here with this guy is that he won't get a job, so long as he has marks he can work. I suspect half of the thrill is in being able to get away with it for this long. The only thing anybody can do is to laugh, point, and let your friends know why you're doing so.

I was scammed earlier this evening (8/30/2010) on SW 11th and Yamhill. He started out with the usual line "Have you heard of Welches?" He told us his truck was stolen and he needed cab fare to get home. I totally thought he was ligit and honest. Shortly after I gave him $20, my boyfriend googled his name. We jumped in the car and drove around downtown hoping to find him. I stopped a police officer and told him the story. Hopefully the douche nozzle gets whats coming to him! Funny thing is...the police officer seemed shocked that we googled the guy and saw that he was a scam artist. How do they not know who he is?

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