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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hole-y cow

We enjoy New Seasons bread, but not when we get this, which is a little too often:

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So go buy some wonder bread. It never has this problem.

Jesus. Artisan Bread will have some variation. Tough it out. I know you can do it.

Aw, Roger, that's outside the range of acceptable -- the baker let it rise too much, or else the loaf was too small/light to start with. I'm sure they'd swap it out for you, Jack. If not, they have more air in theirs heads than in the ciabatta.

Might I suggest picking up a loaf from Nostrana occasionally. $4.00 a loaf out the door and there is no finer ciabatta available in Oregon.

Jack, How much bread did it cost you for that bread? My guess $5.99
In South Jersey, Cape May County, the going rate for Ciabatta at the Acme Market is $5.99 ON SALE!
Without craters!

That organic yeast packs a punch.

New Seasons breads vary with the store. Happy Valley is mediocre to dull. Their french batard samples last Wednesday made cardboard taste wonderful. OTOH, the Division St. store is exceptional.

Bottom like: How much did the bread weigh?

Yea, but look at that crust!

Trader Joe's has good Ciabatta too.
Or try making your own. It's pretty easy, and the kids love to make bread!

All I'm saying is this: if you don't like a bakers bread, stop buying it. Or tap the loaf- it is easy to tell which loaves are airy.

Don't be such a curmudgeon.

Roger..lighten up...pun intended. The last thing I want is to have you tapping/handling my bread with your unwashed fingers. The bread does not meet QA no matter who is baking it. It shouldn't be on the shelf in the first place.

Pocket Bread wannabee. This must be a feature, and just needs to be renamed and premium priced. Can you say Corn Fungus?

I would tend to agree with Lawrence. I shop at New Seasons on Interstate and have never seen a loaf of Ciabatta like that shown in the photo. Just picked up a loaf yesterday and it is perfect.

Take it back. They'll make good on it.

Well, bankerman, I'm with Jack; I've found those holes a number of times over a period of years. Grand Central used to produce one every once in a while, too.

But I like Jack's creative solution in his more recent post.

That's simply laziness on the part of the baker, or rather having inexperienced/untrained staff baking breads.

De-gassing is an important part of the baking process, and this is why.

Jack, if you're up for it, I'll take an investment to get my bakery going and you'll have all the properly-baked ciabattas, ryes, sourdoughs, etc. that you could want.

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