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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CNN puts State of Oregon debt at $1,859 per person

It's not clear how they calculated it, but apparently it's at the state level only, and it appears not to count unfunded pension debt. Amazing, though, that the corresponding number for the City of Portland is around $5,273.

Washington State checks in at $2,226 a head, California at $2,362. The national median is $936.

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Reminds me of the old quote.... Liars can figure but figure cannot lie....

This current crop of city commishes are dooming us to indentured servitude for decades.

I think we should start the contest now for what the new name of the city will be once ownership is transferred to the Big Banks.

How about Chase-Morgan Town?

I believe Bank of America owns more of us than anyone else at the moment.

I know:

Willamette Banks

That way any of those bansters can get a piece of town

New name that will be fitting if Stank of Amerika owns CoP the most would be...


It describes our city's vision and policies so well.....

That's gotta be low. usdebtclock.org puts it at about $10K/person (you need to fish around, but you can find it.)

I know that CNN number can NOT include unfunded pension liabilities. Heck, TriMet doesn't even bother reporting that number on their operating statements.

"Here's an idea for Oregon:"

What they should print is the pensions for each of these fools in Bell, CA. I betcha the top two get >$500K/yr each for life.

THere is no way they'll get that back since they never adjust public pensions no matter how much these guys game the system. Even judges will circle the wagons.

So can I write a check for the $1859 and just opt out of state control of my life? Yeah, didn't think so....

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