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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's really going on in the Gulf

We probably don't want to know.

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Devastating that the government is complicit with BP. You can't print or photograph what you can't see.

How is it that the oil spill in Alaska was called the "Exxon Valdez Oil Spill" and that the current spill is called "The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill". How did BP get the national print and TV establishments to do that?

Shouldn't this spill be named "The BP Oil Spill"?

What the heck is this?


"NOAA is also reportedly sitting on bathymetric maps of the Gulf sea floor that shows a massive fissure on the sea floor that is located 7 miles from the Deepwater Horizon site. The fissure is leaking 120,000 gallons of crude a day, along with methane gas."

There's some well-informed discussion here about what could be the worst-case scenario: the rock formation itself, rather than the well, could be damaged. That might be why the earlier top-kills didn't work and why one of the ROV cameras showed whisps of what looked like oil coming out of the seabed several yards away from the wellhead. If that's the case, and it's damaged badly enough, killing the well won't work. Let's hope that's not the case, or if it is, that the new collection cap is able to capture all of the flow, because the only alternative will be to let the formation drain itself out.

The Online Journal also has an article by Paul Craig Roberts:


in which he castigates the US as a failed state.

Hmmm, the same Paul Craig Roberts that was the co-founder of Reaganomics?

I think he is essentially right but isn't this an instance of the pot calling the kettle black?

The vultures see some blood coming from da Bama. For instance, Bill Clinton making a formal speech about what he would be doing differently, critical of government response while not going so far as to drop Bama's name ... at least not yet. Anyways this deepwater stuff is a learning experience still yet; and looking on the bright side (which I think is probably not the preferred way of looking at things on this blog), hopefully the oil companies should become more motivated and skilled in working deep offshore wells.

Finally, today, the International Energy Agency said this well removed about 30k barrels per day of crude from this year's oil market, or about .03% of all world oil production. Not enough in the current market environment to move price. But Bama's working hard to make this even a negative by imposing his adhoc drilling moratoriums which will accelerate domestic oil production depletion and leave us hanging in the wind. It's like the bad theathre skits on SNL where Dan Ackroyd says, "Bravo, Bravo, that really bite the big one."

The cover-up and suppression of the media on this is criminal. I hope the people enduring these toxic exposures going on purely to protect BP's PR get good lawyers, and I hope all the Obama administration people complicit in this go to jail.

And then Obama comes out today and says we should all go down there for our vacations? I want to see these EPA, NOAA and Coast Guard people complicit in the cover up swimming in it.

BP and the administration are to tight by far. So much for only republicans and climate deniers being in the pocket of big oil.

However we "probably don't want to know," yet by seeing (kudos, Jack) and reading the linked items now we do know, more on-scene information presented than in fact-free massmedia dumb-down propaganda.

And now knowing then instructs us in going into action. Unless we probably don't want to participate in action.

Like we might get in the face for explanations from Blumenauer or Wu or Schrader, or coward Wyden hiding from us, with questions of investigating: 'Why federal agencies and military lapdogs of rightwingers obey unlawful orders from BP and oil oligarchs?,' for whatever reason.

Think Progress .org

* "Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) owns hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of BP stock, ... is unwilling to bring legal pressure to bear on BP;"
* "Another major BP shareholder in Congress, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ), has criticized President Obama’s deepwater drilling moratorium."
* "Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-LA) has called on BP to suspend its payment of bonuses."

By the consenting silence of no-statement Blumenauer, Wu, Schrader, Ron 'we-know-Iraq-has-WMDs' Wyden, and more bow-to-BP Congress members, without spine there's no sign whether they are R's or D's?, friends of foes of BP crimes? ... where 11 souls were negligently killed by undue deregulation in corruption.

No wonder BlueOregon bans notes about its phony politician fops who hide from duty in oversight and indictment of federal fraud and fascism. (n.b. - Definition 'fascism': monolithic merger of government and corporations as one single interest.)

Like we might get in the face of local massmedia TV and T.O. No coverage, no patronage. As long as they blackout BP disaster details, we hold out monthly payments -- BOYCOTT Cable ('bundled') TV. Cancel subscription for non-News.

And we probably don't want to participate in action by discussion, protest assembly, phone calls, emails, blog comments, or Congress petitions of redress in which every moment of all of it is eavesdropped and recorded by federal ... uh, fascists. You're a brave one, and principled, Mr. bojack. Go public, get gitmo'd in the Dumbo 'tradition' of illegal 'rendition.'

We probably don't want to go. ... where we go if we know.

An even bigger BP shareholders are the Public employee unions.

Now there's your monolithic merger of government and corporations as one single interest.

I followed the link to the photo page. Broken egg is a sure sign of starving male birds? There are broken robin's eggs around my house. I thought it was a sign of predators like jays and crows. Come one people, BP isn't the only one who has an agenda here.
This must be true too:

BP is evil! and remember...
"It's not nice to fool mother nature".

But we probably want to know who doesn't want us to want to know.

Rediscovered "in the news" today (CNN, NYT, etc.) -- this from Aug. '09:

Leaked Memos: Lockerbie Bomber Was Traded for BP Drilling Rights
By Susie Madrak Monday Aug 31, 2009 6:00am

Then there's this:

The Lady Macbeth of the Oil Spill
How Obama and Interior Sec. Ken Salazar put a top BP exec in charge of deep sea drilling in the Gulf. Part 2 of Jeffrey St Clair’s path-breaking investigation of how BP and the Obama administration have been joined at the hip in the creation and handling of the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.
CounterPunch Print Edition Exclusive!

It should be stopped asap.

For what it's worth, if there was indeed a fissure at the bottom of the gulf that was spewing oil, there's no way that any sane person in public relations would ever be allowed to say that something they are trying today may fully stop the oil from gushing into the ocean.

If it's not possible, you don't say that it is. Ever.

As for other sources of oil close to this blown out well, it's been postulated for some time that the well casing may be compromised, causing oil to get out of the bore and seep up through the thousand feet or so of muck that makes up the seabed of the Gulf. That is why they are doing a pressure test today - if they close the cap and it maintains pressure, they know the well bore is good, and they just need to "bottom kill" it while leaving the cap in place. If it doesn't maintain the pressure they expect, then it's seeping out of the well bore, and they need to continue siphoning until the "bottom kill" happens.

The "bottom kill" is happing very deep in the actual rock, so if there is seepage in the well bore, it's likely going to be above where the plugging will ultimately happen.

We'll just have to wait to find out, I guess; BP appears to be exercising communist-style press control over every aspect of this thing.

Are there really "climate deniers". I think you could just look outside your window to see that there is a climate.

Someone notify vengence vigilante LIARS Larson and send him right winging down there on this:

July 14-15, 2010 -- PERDIDO BAY, FL-AL STATE LINE -- BP's hiring and firing practices in Gulf cleanup favor out-of-staters and illegals

WMR has discovered that BP is discriminating against hiring local Gulf residents, including those with scientific and engineering degrees, in favor of out-of-state contractors and illegal aliens to assist in environmental clean up resulting from the firm's devastating Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Every morning in Tillmans Corner, a crossroads in west Mobile, Alabama, workers gather outside a vacant strip mall store to board buses that take them to the beaches for clean up work for BP. However, these are not local workers who have been hired by the British oil giant but illegal aliens hired from Mexico, through Texas, and Jamaica.

A close look at the buses that ferry the clean up crews to the beaches reveal that they belong to Turnaround Transportation, Inc. of Wichita Falls, Texas. ...

... leaving out more of Wayne Madsen Report (dot com, that's who 'WMR' is) and photos of the illegals in BP's cyclone-fenced staging compounds.

Maybe this oil blowout is a blessing in disguise. The sooner we as a race are off this planet the better for every living thing left behind. I've given up on everything, there is no point anymore. And I'm not being sarcastic.

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