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Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Kroger press release betting, the under looks good

Well, whaddya know? 2010 is half over. And for those of you who joined us at the start of the year to pick the over-and-under on the press release count for the year from Oregon attorney general John Kroger, the under is looking mighty good. We set the betting line at 190, and with six months under our belt, Kroger's only at 73. If he keeps up that pace, he'll hit only 146 by year's end.

And so it looks as though readers who took the under (58% of those responding) are going to prevail when everything's counted up on New Year's Eve. Kroger issues only three press releases a week -- it just feels like four.

Just to keep interest up, we've got two new versions of the game to play. First, let's re-set the betting line at 146 and see what people think:

How many press releases do you think will we receive from Oregon Attorney General John Kroger's office in 2010?
Fewer than 146
146 or more
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And second, let's zero in on the comparison in press release numbers between Kroger and secretary of state Kate Brown -- two likely future gubernatorial candidates. (Recall that we substituted Brown for state treasurer Ben Westlund when the latter died.) Compared with Kroger's 73 press releases, Brown's issued 35. That works out to Kroger issuing 2.1 times as many press releases as Brown. Will Kroger wind up issuing at least twice as many as Brown for the entire year?

Compared to Secretary of State Kate Brown, how many press releases will Kroger issue?
Kroger will issue at least twice as many as Brown
Kroger will issue fewer than twice as many as Brown
pollcode.com free polls

Please note: These games are for entertainment purposes only.

Comments (5)

Interesting how two empty suits can generate such a lot of "nothing". I guess it qualifies them for Governor of Oregon.

A chastened Kroger, humbled by a resounding groan from his AAGs in in-house polling, is going to issue a lot fewer for the rest of the year, which means that, with the election coming up, Brown is going to make up a lot of ground on him.

Wow... Talk about a waste of space and potential for change.

Kroger is delusional if he thinks he'll even come in second place in a Demo Guber primary. He'll be lucky to get re-elected AG.

Don't worry, school is almost in session again at the University of Oregon, so I'm sure there will be plenty of legal activity coming out of the athletic department. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

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