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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Con man money not going to Welches

An alert reader writes:

The east side toy train and water projects ripping up Grand caused my wife and I to stop for a happy hour bite and a brew. Nonetheless, the below picture was taken by my wife (saying he looked like her uncle) yesterday about 5:15. He was playing songs on the jukebox, feeding the video crack machine and enjoying some mixed drinks.

Wish the photo was better but the iPhone has no flash and the back lighting did not help the cause.

We now have empirical evidence of where the hardship money he scams is spent.

Comments (9)

Not to excuse his fraudulent behavior but his values seem not unlike alot of banksters out there except the Welches Con Man will never jeopardise your life savings.

"Hey...I'm a developer and my project stalled and I need to get back to profitability. Can you see your way to front me several million dollars to get my project back on track? An LID would be fine, but a URD with incremental financing would work, too."

Hey godfry, you are on to something! Let's elect the Welches Con Man to city council! He is no more of a crook that those currently holding office. And the "voter owned elections" money can finance his campaign!
At least he won't have to con folks on the street to play video poker. He will get all the money he needs from the developo-weasles.

This guy would never get elected in Portland: he's got too much initiative. The Arlington Club needs pols that can take orders, not give them.

We were victims of I.D theft about six years ago; the perp was just prosecuted for the 14th time. He mostly got probation in the past (aka "community corrections") but now he's staring at a few years in the Big House. Most of his/our money went to meth and video poker, with the odd case of PBR and Good'nPlenty. They documented over $300,000 of thefts from Fred Meyer alone (just this one asshole: Thomas Blaser). It's still more difficult to rent a carpet cleaning machine at Freddys than it is to cash a fake check. I don't know why they make the fraud so easy to perpetuate. Maybe their insured?

Nice work! I was going to comment on the shirt before I saw that Garage Wine covered it first. That is too perfect.

I was telling my family visiting from out of town about the Welches con man today. They were appalled that no one would do something about this guy.

Ironically, we drove through Welches when we visited Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge today. It was a perfect day for that excursion.

No s**t, if my family and I had happened to run into David the confidence man today, we could have offered a RIDE to Welches.

Including myself, we were seven, with one extra seat in the back of a Honda minivan. He might have even relaxed with a frosty beverage and enjoyed a movie with my niece and nephew through a pair of wireless headphones on the DVD.

I wonder if it ever dawned on David that the alert reader's wife played him like a fiddle with that line about him looking like her uncle.

David used to work several days a week, as a day laborer out side the Sally on Burnside in the late 80's and very early '90s.
Now Jack at that time he was lucky to clear $40.00 a day, and had to bust his ass doing it!
As those SLIME contractors that hung around the Sally were worse than the pimps at night that worked that same area at night.
Yep, I would say David has made vast progress as he now can quaf a ice cold beverage, listen to nice tunes, and maybe hit a Jackpot on those "crack machines" to boot!
Now come on Jack I know you were taken by him several years ago as were many of your readers of this blog.
But their are much worse villian's lurking about in Stumptown.
And I enjoy hearing a good con every once in a while.
He has to be pushing 50 and will not change. This is how he make his living!
It beats having some young creep, hounding you for some spare change.
In Atlantic City I have fallen more than once to the con..... I need to get back to Philly or New York and can't afford the bus or train ticket or my ticket is lost.
I take it (or be taken) on a case to case basis.
Some time I see them board the bus or train.

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