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Sunday, July 18, 2010

All we need is a drummer, for people who only need a beat

We blogged a while back about the upcoming drum event, in honor of fallen Portland soldier Travis Bradach-Nall, as part of a worldwide effort to bring attention to the effective date of the Convention on Cluster Munitions for those countries which have ratified it. That date is two weeks from today, Sunday August 1.

The local organizer, Travis's mother Lynn, has just announced that the event will be held at the Portland Peace Memorial, at the east end of the Steel Bridge. The gathering will begin at 11:30 a.m., with the playing to start at noon. All Portland-area drummers are invited to join in a worldwide session of playing for the cause.

Comments (3)

Thanks for the reminder Jack....we'll be there.

Great way to honor and educate!

I just stumbled onto your blog, a little late to participate. I think the gathering was a great idea. Do you have any photos from the gathering? I would love to write a little something or share a bit of your experience on www.allthingspercussion.org a site dedicated to drumming in percussion.

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