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Thursday, July 1, 2010

All in all, it's just another brick in the wall

KATU has deduced that Kyron Horman's stepmom was posting on the TV station's web page early in case.

If my child were missing and I didn't know where he was, I don't think I'd be doing that.

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Jack: How about holding a contest for your readers on the Horman matter. Readers can make guesses on some questions- such as:
How long until step-mom is arrested?
What excuse will she use?
- Post-partum depression
- Kaine wasn't giving me enough attention
- I just wanted some attention
- The constant rain aggravated me
Will she get a longer or shorter sentence than the woman who threw her kids off the Sellwood Bridge?
Will she become a pen pal of Ward Weaver?
These are just a few suggestions.

My wife, an elementary school teacher, says it'll be an undiagnosed case of Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome.

Now, this would be an extreme example of it. Usually it relates to people (almost always women) who make their kids sick in order to receive attention from doctors, caregivers, etc. There have been cases where children were killed because the perpetrator wanted the attention.


Steroid abuse and/or withdrawal.

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy (or other facticious disorder) doesn't fit this case nor the step-mom at all. Not at all.



Stay focused on the facts, people. we're also dealing with known and unknown unknowns.

Further possible excuses/reasons/defenses:
- That whole cute kid / CSI thing annoyed me;
- I wanted to meet Ann Rule;
- It's lonely up here in the woods, I'd rather live around people, like in jail;
- I kind of admire Diane Downs;
- addiction;
- I wanted to take advantage of Multnomah County's no death penalty policy;
- oops! you mean if I actually did the killing in Washington County I go on trial there?

It looks like cell phones will play a big role in this case, and really, when you think of modern technology, what's more reliable than a cell phone?

Seriously, I just read some scary stuff about them. Even if they are off the authorities can turn them on and listen to what you are saying. You are carrying a microphone around for the state's use should the authorities want to target you.

The article also said they can listen to you through your...cable box. WTF?

This on top of warrantless sweeps of emails, phone calls and other data. A right to privacy? Not so much.

It's hard to know what I would do with all of those empty hours if my child went missing. Being glued to the internet would definitely be a possibility. And if I were suddenly in the public arena teetering on the edge of becoming a public enemy I might find the urge to comment overwhelming. Still, in conjunction with everything else, it sure doesn't look good.

Also, to Bill's remark about privacy, most people aren't aware that the OnStar system in cars also can be and has been legally utilized as a listening device.

Methinks she doth protest too much . . .

Is there a right to privacy? When was that enumerated?

Is there a right to privacy? When was that enumerated?

Griswold v. Connecticut

The Bill of Rights certainly speaks to the founders' attempt to guarantee freedom from government intrusion. I think that is largely what we call "privacy" today.

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