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Monday, July 19, 2010

A population boom for Roseburg

Now that missing boy Kyron's colorful stepmother has moved back in with her parents in Roseburg, you can bet that all of the tabloids and a lot of the mainstream media will have crews on location. Hot times at the Shari's!

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They have Applebee's now, too.

I certainly hope the authorities have had time to place a PEN register (at least) on the phone at Terri's folks place.

Good! now Cornelius Pass road may be moderately passable again, sans new crews!
I recall a good burger joint down there too.

Roseburg can have her. Along with all the inbred yahoos, she should have a great homecoming.

...all the inbred yahoos

Like this guy?

Say what you like about the dining opportunities (or lack thereof) in Roseburg, but the road cycling around Douglas County is the best in Oregon! Not to mention the beauty of the N Umpqua River...

And don't forget "KITZ". Not a native, but lived there and practiced ER med before becoming a politician.

Yeah, just pass through that back water and whatever you do, do not take the highway east to Crater Lake along the Umpqua River.
It does not matter that gorgeous falls & natural hot springs abound. You might encounter the dreaded "redneck" or worse yet, one of the numerous reformed hippies who still live in commune like enclaves where all the neighbors pitch in when they know a friend is in need.
If you are not yet convinced to avoid this dreaded Berg just imagine sitting on the lawn at this event: http://www.halfshell.org/
Every Tuesday evening free music sponsored by Umpqua Dairy.
Oh yeah and only if you are really hungry take a chance on this place: http://www.tollys-restaurant.com/main/

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