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Monday, June 14, 2010

Guess who's joined the Fourth Estate

With the mainstream media slowly but inexorably falling apart, and alternative news-and-views sources such as blogs on the rise, you might think it would be a welcome development to have some of the newer media recognized by the government's regulatory apparatus.

But maybe it isn't such a hot idea.

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Since corporations are now "people" maybe the constitution should be revised?
We the corporations of the United States in order to form a more perfect union...etc...
Let's see who will be the new john Handcock. Bank of America is my bet.

How about Portland Tribune/Community newspapers president Steve Clark serving on the TriMet Board.

He's made sure the newspapers have been a big supporter of all things central planning, Metro and TriMet.

Now he's joined the rubber stamp TriMet board.

Hmmmm... looks like the new primary qualification for being one of the Supremes is might be being an owned tool of corporate interests...

PS... Doesn't this latest ruling fly in the face of Kasky v. Nike?

Face it: the United States has evolved into a fascist state, controlled by oligarchs.

Hmmmm... looks like the new primary qualification for being one of the Supremes is might be being an owned tool of corporate interests...

There were four who dissented on Citizens United vs. FEC.

And corporate interests on the court is not a new concept. Look at these four who FDR had to outlast to be able to get New Deal legislation passed.

Although SCOTUS may have opened the door, it was the FEC that accorded Citizens United the exemptions and privileges of the working press:

"The Commission, with three Republican members and one Democratic member voting in favor and one independent member voting against, approved an advisory opinion that noted that the FEC had recently expanded the concept of who is part of the press well beyond the traditional news media. Thus, it concluded that Citizens United would be considered a press entity and thus exempt from having to disclose the costs of producing and distributing its documentary films, and advertisements and other marketing promotions of those films."

That is, a government agency -- actually, three leftover Republican appointees -- has determined that an overt and shameless propaganda operation is entitled to the Constitutional protections enjoyed by the legitimate press, which still tries to adhere to standards of truth-telling, especially regarding the government.

The linked article says nothing about the efforts or capacity of the legitimate press to protect itself from association with Citizens United and whatever other groups may seek such exemptions.

Constitutional Amendment:
The term "natural person" shall from here on refer only to living human beings.

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