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Monday, May 31, 2010

The colors of money

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The most profound post in months.

Some look like green money, #2 looks a bit red, #3 is happy money(see his smile?),#4 looks a little yellow,#5 is certainly Tram / developer money.

One red cent.

Unbelievable how much the penny can vary in shades. Pretty cool to see!

I love no. 4, the blond penny.

Found any zinc pennies from the WWII yet? They are cool.

I suspect that this image of Abe holds the world record for the most reproduced bust. What other image of a person has been produced more than Abe on the penny?

I've gotten two wheat pennies in change from the "do-it-yourself" check-out line at Fred Meyer in the past couple of weeks. Someone must be raiding Jack's penny bucket to buy food for the grill!

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