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Thursday, May 6, 2010

OHSU overlord to change hats

An alert reader who always has the lowdown on Pill Hill writes:

This week, in the middle of "Integrity Week" (May 3-7… a five-day week? Well, there’s a loss of integrity), Steve Stadum, OHSU’s flak catcher and chief lying front man… is leaving… finally.

But crap… He’s not going far. Just to become the chief operating officer of the Knight Cancer Clinic. He’ll become OHSU-Nike blend. At way, way too much salary, I’m sure. That was announced this afternoon.

Another blow to OHSU integrity.

Stadum has been the COO of OHSU throughout all of its many recent hijinks, including but not limited to forcing the ludicrous SoWhat district down the throats of Portland taxpayers; building its ill-fated health club complex with aerial tram [rim shot]; and shipping off its biotech research center to Florida. Quite a résumé.

Probably his defining moment was Jan. 16, 2006, when he told us: "However disagreeable its price tag, the tram remains a vital linchpin in the future growth of OHSU and, indeed, of Oregon's economy." Classic.

Now maybe he'll do to the medical school what Phil Knight's money has done to the state university down in Eugene.

Comments (6)

He's building OHSU a shiny new basketball arena? Awesome!!

Gilded squash courts inlaid with mother of pearl! Alright!!

Crosseyed and Painless

That quote is all kinds of awesome. I used to think that failing up was the only way up, but the truth is being delusional and playing make-believe is the only way up and failing is just an unpleasant side effect to a trophy career.

Natch'! That's why they call him Mr. Stadum.

I keep thinking that the O or WW *should* do a real major look at OHSU. But then there is a lot of things that they *should* be looking at. I know, I'm dreaming.....

Hey! Phil has already started treating OHSU employees like Nike employees...allowing them to be marketed by Nike initiatives in the employee-discount store. All OHSU employees can now shop at the Nike employee store!

Wow...Donate a bunch of money and you get to market to all the thousands of OHSU employees...and their family members. Hell, OHSU will even help you market to their employees. It does the marketing of OHSU employees _FOR_ Nike.

Isn't that nice?

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