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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Process of elimination

We're working our way through the long list of Multnomah County commission candidates in the upcoming election, and whittling it down based on what we consider to be some of their disqualifying features:

Karol Collymore - Works for Cogen, therefore a potential second vote for Cogen. Commissioner Deborah "the Latest" Kafoury says Cogen's going to shake things up from the way Ted Wheeler ran the county. We liked Wheeler, and are still quite leery of the Cogen-Saltzman axis. Sorry, Karol -- not this time.

Chuck Currie - No, no, a thousand times no. World's greatest Erik Sten fan, former flack for another Kafoury, defended Deborah K.'s decision to try to retain her legislative seat after she moved out of her district. A second vote for Kafoury, not to mention questions about the whole separation-of-church-and-state thing. Not now, not ever.

Gary Hansen - Been there, done that. Years on the Mean Girl and pre-Mean Girl versions of the county commission and in the Salem commuter club do not impress.

Tom Markgraf - Earl the Pearl aide, a streetcar man, and a Metro clone. Nuh-uh.

Roberta Phillip - Inexperienced, but looking like a quality candidate so far.

Maria C. Rubio - With the full endorsement of two of the former Mean Girl commissioners, this one's a nonstarter.

Loretta Smith - Backed by Ron Wyden's money. GONG! Say no more.

Paul van Orden - Maybe. His attempted run for sheriff when nobody else would stand up to Bernie "Courvoisier" Giusto was impressive.

So it's down to Phillip or van Orden for us. Two green lights -- the rest, yellow at best.

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Thanks Jack. Your summary and insight of this group is on target. Firestone would like the yellow-light group for the re-tread potential. We need some fresh blood, not the same old "insider" group that has taken the community to the policy and financial abyss.

People......please vote for the green light candidates, giving the others a yellow is generous.

Roberta Phillip just dropped out of the race.

Mr Bog, you know they have a drawing at the cocktail party on who will win this. We're gonna get more of the same, just get used to it and keep paying your taxes.

Guess you're down to Van Orden, Jack.


Shameless plugs: WW's endorsements hit the stands April 28! And all seven candidates will be at Candidates Gone Wild April 26 at the Aladdin.


Roberta Phillip just dropped out of the race.

Just the possibility of a Bog endorsement was just too much for the campaign to handle.

How long can van Orden stand the heat?

Yes, Ms Phillip, she definitely gone:

Bog's kiss of death? Now there's no one left upon whom to bestow it. Oh, did I forget Mr Leonard's pal (who can forget the silencing of the doggy daycare in NW?), Mr Van Orden, former professional skateboarder and Dale Carnegie acolyte? Oh, if only I and the CoP could forget Mr Van Orden!

It is sad that all those listed have mostly lived off the public dime, and never have paid payroll. When are we going to get just one or two candidates that are astute, are normal, and have run a business or have real life experiences outside government?

Remeber, Paul van Orden was pivotal in John Branam's rise to prominance in Portland politics. Maybe he'll bring Branam's sense of fiscal responsibility to the County!

As I've commented here before, Mr. Van Orden has a great record of serving Portland for the long haul. The small business owners endorsing on his website report that he's a fair guy. The only city commissioner endorsing him so far is Charlie Hales.

Noah Kleiman, Mr Hales has not been a city commissioner for several years. After promoting streetcars for the Pearl, he left to sell them to other cities. He said he wasn't earning enough as a city commissioner to stay. He said the same thing when he was asked more recently whether he would run for mayor: it doesn't pay enough.

Rather than obtain endorsements from "small business owners" regarding Mr van Orden's "great record," perhaps you should locate city residents who have found his devotion to noise control comprehensive and conscientious.

Ok. Would a list of 8 Neighborhood Association Officers do the trick ?

There are also some folks who actually served as citizen members of some kind of noise review board.

I can only assume these people are "city residents".

Color me satisfied on this account. I have to agree with Jack, this guy gets a green light.

Noah -- Thanks for pointing out that Van Orden's claim to fame was being a civil servant focused on creating more work for himself, someone who organized a chicken coop tour, and someone who sat on a skateboarding committee. That is some serious leadership. With a resume like that, it's amazing he hasn't been elected already!

Wow Jack, I could not agree more, and Chuck Currie....Best call of the group,just awful!

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