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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old Town to PDC: Please don't go

And they share the widely held view that the mayor is pressuring the agency to move to the failed Moyer tower where the Virginia Cafe was run out.

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Very well-stated opposition to the proposed move. With facts to back it up.

Well, it's a renter's market right now; maybe Moyer's offering a sweet deal that can save the taxpayers some money. Although, is PDC a big enough tenant such that their signing a lease would get the banks to re-open their wallets and finance the completion of the tower?

The empty new Shorenstein tower at First and Main is probably willing to cut a deal, too. Of course, Shorenstein's a San Francisco concern, so Sam's not gonna steer the PDC in that direction when a good ol' boy local developer needs some love.

PDC can show some class and
pdx style by taking on the Customs House as their new HQ.
It is one of the finest pieces of Architecture we have , and it should stay in public hands.
It is up for auction , and who wants to see it become a .....
s/m bondage club
[besides Republicans that is...]

Sorry Billb: The old customs house property fails to meet current earthquake standards. Not to mention it was antiquated electrical and climate control systems as well.

PDC can show some class and close it's doors.

maybe Moyer's offering a sweet deal
that can save the taxpayers some money

Why should he? The city's proven itself time and again to be run by boobs when it comes to wonderful "deals." The PDC will probably pay a premium and take out way more space than it needs -- orders from Creepy.

How about the history lesson?
Monday, September 27 2004

PDC moves offices to Creative Services Center


The PDC mistakenly spent a million dollars renovating the building and
mistakenly signed a 10-year lease for the property in August 2001..

The city mistakenly envisioned the building as a potential incubator for creative companies.

But the building remained vacant for 3 years until the PDC mistakenly moved into it themselves in the fall of 2004.

Of course PDC officials had all sorts of excuses for the absence of creative services tenants.

"The regional economy, the dot-com industry and market uncertainty"

For additional cover for their incompetence the ginned up a story about how smart their move was.

How it would "allow the agency to consolidate its employees and administrative services resulting in efficiencies that will save the agency $6 million over the term of the lease."

Ok City Auditor, how about taking a look at how claims of savings turned out.

I'll bet the cost actually went up. Big time.

Ben, thanks for asking a good question-how about the City Auditor investigating if PDC saved $6 million?

And thanks to the neighborhood association for taking a well constructed stance against the move. I wish more Portland neighborhood associations would take strong positions against the insanity that PDC and the City foists on us.

Please don't worry about losing the paltry $2000 dollar "grants" the City doles out through ONA to the few neighborhood associations; if you toe the party line. If the City calls "foul", then publicly call it as it is-"foul politics". Sam has tried this trick with several neighborhood associations. It is time for this City to change it's ways.

"Ben, thanks for asking a good question-how about the City Auditor investigating if PDC saved $6 million?"

The public should have full knowledge of how city decisions pan out so they can react accordingly and hold them accountable.

IMO there is way too much of the decision on what the public knows left to those who need to be held accountable.

Which leaves the public not knowing much and no acountablility.

Over time this pattern emboldens those never held accountable who then make increasinly reckless decisions with only self interest guiding them.

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