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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Headlining the "green" puppet show

We got another e-mail today from Rex Burkholder, the Metro clone running to become Head Metro Clone. This time he wasn't claiming to be a founder of an organization he didn't found, but he was still selling snake oil. It's pretty obvious that he's in the pack of hounds who use "green, sustainable" yada yada to sell condo bunkers:

The future of our region depends on putting people back to work. Rex knows that job creation and environmental protection must go hand in hand. He is committed to promoting sustainable growth and supporting our new, green economy. Rex has the experience necessary to protect this wonderful place we love and put our region back to work. That's why he's been endorsed by these businesses and individuals from our growing green economy:

Hiroshi Morihara, HM3 Energy*
Steve McGrath, Sustainable Solutions Unlimited*
Chris Humphries, EcoLogistics*
Sattie Clark, Eleek Inc*
Brad Malsin, Beam Development*
Nawzad Othman, OTAK*
John Carroll, Carroll Investments*
Stewart Ankrom, Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects*
B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery
Portland Pedal Power
John Russell, Russell Development*
Mark Edlen, Gerding Edlen Development*
Ned Dempsey, PneuLogic*
Ken Wightman, David Evans and Associates*
John Sorenson, Mid Tech Energy*
David Knowles, CH2M Hill*
Katy Brooks, EcoTech*
Chandra Brown, Oregon Ironworks*

* Organizations listed for affiliation purposes only and do not reflect an endorsement from the organization.

If you think real estate sharpies like Malsin, Carroll, Russell, and Edlen care about anything "greener" than what's in your wallet, or that this region is going to somehow get ahead of everybody else in bringing in "green" jobs, I've got an aerial tram I'd like to sell you.

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New drinking game: take a shot whenever you read "green economy" when reading anything like this. Pretty fun.

"financially" should always precede the term "sustainable" in any city government plan or document. This may eliminate any confusion about "sustainable" actually means.

"Rex has the experience necessary to... put our region back to work."

No he doesn't. What experience is he referring to?

YOu're surprised? This is the same list of all the tired people who can't compete in the real world and want more govt money to finish projects.

It looks like every single one of those "businesses" specializes in suckling at the public teat.

Wall Street Journal had a great article this week on all the cities across the nation claiming they wanted, are, will be the Green Capital of the US or the World. One of the cities they featured had all the same arguments, reasoning why their public should finance and support their green agenda just like Portland. De ja vue.

What will be the "catch" next year for the politicians and supporting developers to push?

Green this

Sustainable Development Commission
Tuesday – April 27, 2010
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Lovejoy Room, Portland City Hall
4:00 PM Subcommittee Updates and Discussion
· Social Equity – Marcelo Bonta and Maggie Long

· Climate Change – Leslie Carlson

· Economic Development – Mark Fitz

· Greenfrastructure – Mike Houck

Come on Jack, when has Mark Edlen ever steered us wrong?

Hey, doesn't Rex ride a bike from his single detached home? He may want you to live in rat-cages, but riding a bike should count for something, right?

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