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Friday, April 2, 2010

Election porn getting steamier

Interim Oregon state treasurer Ted Wheeler isn't letting his on-the-job training period stand in the way of getting his face out in front of the folks around the state who will soon be voting for or against him. Look at this spiffy campaign that he's whipped together in less than three weeks following his swearing-in. "Guard Your Money" -- it's supposed to help folks identify and resist scams. Coincidentally or not, it will also help Democrats identify Ted when they cast their votes for his office in May.

It will be fun to see Attorney General John Kroger and Wheeler duke it out over who's a bigger scam-buster. Rest assured the parade of press releases from the two of them will keep us abreast of who's ahead in that department.

Elsewhere, we got an e-mail message all about this, which made us a little ill.

And finally, with all the friends we have in high places, our mailman is now delivering personalized election porn to our place:

It does get me a little hot under the collar at times.

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I think Ted Wheeler will be a good state treasurer but I read the headline on his election flyer as saying, "Guard your money from the office of the State Treasurer..." My eye did not catch the ".org" after Money.

Sic semper tyrannis rex.

In the world we've created they have to reach the masses to get elected. Mailings and TV ads seem to be the only way.

The real porn-by-mail at my house comes from Qwest snd Comcast, about once a week. On the computer it's Netflix.

That expression on Ted Wheeler's face. It's a look of shock after his pollster told him that no one Prineville has heard of him.

[PS: Sadie is right. I does look like it says "Guard your money from the office of the State Treasurer ..." The worst scammers dwell in Salem.]

Fascinating - Everyone of these persons will talk all day about how "green" they are.

Yet they have no problem loading up my mailbox with junk that gets tossed and eats up trees. This includes all the little burgs self-promo stuff and the community colleges printing up a ton of stuff.

They really think we are that stupid to believe their puff pieces.

I can hardly wait until USPS is down to 1 day a week deliveries (of course, that'll probably mean even larger subsidies.)

There ought to be a law against electeds putting their faces or voices or names on these so called public service announcements.

Early in his campaign against Saxton, Kulongoski ran a bunch of TV ads (PSA's) aimed at the elderly in nursing homes. David Wu has been running radio spots (PSA's) warning us about H1N1. Saltzman sent out the spiffy piece on the childrens levy. They are simply electioneering on the publics dime.


I saw the same thing. Thought it was an attack ad against Wheeler. Might want to revise that header.

It's doubly funny that you can identify scams by looking for Ted Wheeler's glasses.

Without glasses this morning, I squinted at the flyer and thought it said: Guard your money, then listed : Identify Sams
Tips on Identifying Sams and how to protect yourself!

Some people in LA have been informed of your discovery. Here's what I wrote them:

Dear ****,
A commenter named Sadie on one of the blogs up here in Portland, noticed this classic campaign literature screw up: It seems to read "Guard Your Money from the Office of State Treasurer Ted Wheeler." -Bill McDonald PS If there's any reward let me know and I'll hunt down her address.

They wouldn't have read the blog source anyway so a plug wouldn't have mattered. This could be fun locally though...or not.

I wonder who in our "creative class" designed the mailer. Might need another creative class or two.

A subversive. There is a mole in Ted Wheelers office not just weasels.

Ted's no dummy. Why should he spend his own money campaigning, when he can spend our money instead. Smart, but infuriating.

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