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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comcast puts the X in Xfinity

Its customer service gives new meaning to the phrase "on demand."

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There must be an extra charge for that channel.

Boycott Comcast-vote with yer feet.

Now, will said hooker be scheduled to be at your residence between a given set of hours, preferably when one's significant other is at work? If not, this could really get to be an issue.

Here's one.

Since I work for a power company, I receive phone calls from members of the public (which can mean customers, passers-by, law enforcement agencies, some kid, etc.) regarding unsafe situations with our facilities (downed power lines). When I take these calls - we don't care whose name is on the account, whether they have an account, all we want is a contact name and phone number, a location, a brief description - and we send someone out to check it out.

A couple weeks ago, I came home to find that a CATV box in my front yard appeared to have been hit by a car; it was wide open. CATV lines can still carry voltage, and certainly someone tampering with it would be able to cut cable service (which nowadays can also mean someone's phone service, and thus their 9-1-1 service). So I went to Comcast's website where they have 24/7 online chat. The person on the other end of the chat seemed friendly, but said she couldn't do anything as I didn't have an account and gave me two phone numbers to call.

I tried the first phone number - before I could get anywhere, it demanded an account number. I hung up and tried the second phone number, which was the same IVR. I tried punching in numbers, and it kept saying "invalid number". I finally hit a bunch of zeros, and it gave me a menu. After listening to the menu I picked an option, and eventually got through to someone.

That someone took down my information but then he wanted an account number. I explained to him, multiple times, that I wasn't a customer, it was a tampered CATV box in my yard, and it was in THEIR interest to fix it for THEIR customers. He grudgingly took the info and said he'd have someone check up on it.

Two or three weeks later, someone finally replaced the box.

Now, here I am, looking out for them, and they don't care. Why should I consider being a customer of theirs with this attitude? Thank God I have Verizon FIOS. Better service, better quality, works better (when I had Comcast about a year and a half ago, the cable box always froze up and the picture quality was hit and miss), costs less, and my internet is more reliable. Plus I know Verizon's repair service is better.

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