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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Was it the power of the blog?

Last week, we noted this anomaly at the Walgreen's at MLK and Ainsworth:

This week, we find a different story:

Glad that's straightened out -- although the beer might be healthier than the actual meat.

Comments (6)

Should have just changed the signs. :-)

Maybe they did. I think the words "lunch meat" are different in the two photos. Perhaps our intrepid man on the scene is pulling my leg?

The two photos clearly show two different signs. The top photo has the lunch meat sign actually in the cooler, while the bottom photo has the signage on the bulkhead above the cooler.

Only in Sam-Rand land would a grocer put beer in a cooler clearly marked 'lunch meat'. Go by intern!

Gotta love the self-evident labeling: Fresh Milk as opposed to Sour Milk? And Cold Water in the refrigerated case? Will wonders never cease?

Lunchmeat (one word). Is that anything like Cheesefood (Velveeta)?

Clearly a tale of two different locations. The depicted coolers are completely different. Sorry Jack, you've been Sammed!

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