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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two painful experiences for the price of one

The New Jersey Nets are one of the worst pro basketball teams America has seen in a long time. They've got 6 wins and 54 losses this year. Fans are staying away from their games in droves. At one recent game, the actual attendance was about 1,000, although they did have an official attendance of 17,000 to watch the Nets get creamed by LeBron James last night.

To draw people into the seats, the Nets are offering a new deal: If you show up for the game Friday night, you get a coupon to have your state income tax return done by a professional return preparer firm for free, and $30 to $50 off a federal return prepared for you by the same company. Fans in attendance also get entered into a drawing for tickets to a future Nets loss.

Coaching the New Jersey team at the moment is former Blazer sharpshooter Kiki Vandeweghe.

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How bad is it? I checked the standings, and the New Jersey Nets are now 3 games behind Team Coco.

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