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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goodbye, Corvallis

The First Brother-in-Law is looking for the exit.

Comments (4)

He hasn't accomplished anything in Corvallis. Marginal improvements at best. I'm not sure why he's such a hot ticket coach. Oh right, I forgot about why he would be selected for such a job.

My thought:
"Movin' on up"

I'm with ws. He hasn't proven himself as a coach yet. Who he is does however seem to have value recruiting-wise. That's worth something. Maybe even a lot.

yep - ws is right, robinson's teams only look good when compared to the complete train wreck that was the jay john years...osu should have hired ken bone when they had the chance, anyone could have told you robinson wasn't looking to stay in corvallis long term, this was just a stepping stone...I hope he steps out soon, so OSU can start rebuilding...

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