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Monday, February 15, 2010

Crunch time in SoWhat

They're still sending us mailers trying to get us to join the OHSU health club down in the wasteland known as the South Waterfront district of Portland:

They're wasting their postage on our household. And looking just a wee bit desperate, I might add.

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Well, I'd still hit it. Muscular is hot. Funny that they shopped in the photos from the LAST one, including the Raelian pod worship session . . .

You mean we're not the only ones getting the mailers? Darn. Here we were feeling so special....

I would like to see the rest of her workout on that ball. Are all the women at the March Fitness Center that friendly?

OHSU will soon be pursuing a bailout from the legislature.
I have absolutely no doubt they have already been talking to members of the Portland friendly legislature and are gearing up for the PR rollout.

I suspect the troubles at OHSU can't wait till after the election so some "kick start" millions may be headed their way.

Looks like a femailer to me.

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