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Monday, January 11, 2010

Passing a milepost

Earlier today, this blog had the 4 millionth unique visit in its 7½-year history, as counted by the popular SiteMeter monitoring service. That's a lot of visits, and we're grateful for all of you. Writing this thing is a lot of fun, and educational for us.

The last time we rolled the millions digit on visits was last February 1. And so it took us 344 days to gather 1 million visits, which works out to a rate of about 2,907 visits a day. The previous million had taken 380 days, or around 2,632 visits a day. That's roughly 10 percent growth in readership over the past year.

Thanks to all our readers, especially the dedicated group that's always sending us new material to write and think about.

Comments (7)

Thanks to you Jack for this great blog! It's always my first "stop" of the day on the 'net!


Congratulations - You beat B-O again in December.

As Letterman says, "This is not a competition; it is only an exhibition. Please, no wagering."

Congratulations Jack. I'm still waiting to hit the million milestone on my blog. Maybe this year.

"This is not a competition"

Hey, give yourself some credit. He has about half of the free world's frustrated liberal authors ginning up stuff for him vs. you alone.

Congratulations and thank you for having this blog.

So at 10% growth will there be a 49% increase in management?

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