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Monday, December 14, 2009

Git along, little 'dogies

The Niners stomped the Cardinals in pro football tonight, which was good news for Hank and Rick in our charity pro football underdog pool. They each gain 3.5 points for their correct pick, moving them up in the standings. Rick is tied for fourth place, 8.5 points behind the leader, and Hank is seventh, 11 points in back of first place.

With three more weeks of regular season play and three weeks of playoffs to go, here are the complete standings:

Doug - 28
Bad Brad - 20
Robert - 20
genop's mom - 19.5
Rick - 19.5
genop - 18.5
Hank - 17
Gordon - 16
Dan - 15
Mark - 14.5
Kevin - 13
Gary - 10.5
Michael W. - 10
jmh - 9.5
George - 7.5
Michael K. - 3
Andy - 0
Annie - 0
Flynn - 0
Sidney - 0

The top three finishers at the end of the playoffs get to designate parts of the pool pot to their favorite charities. Not much has been decided yet.

We'll have this coming weekend's lines posted tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning.

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