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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chilly 'dogs on the menu

It's looking like ice out there this morning in Portland -- a good time to switch on the Big Daddies of pro football and make a pot of oatmeal.

The players in our charity pro football underdog pool have made their calls for the week. Two of our contestants (genop's mom and Robert) picked up a nifty 10 points on Thursday night, but here are the rest of our hopefuls, whose teams (in caps) play today and tomorrow night:

10.5 ATLANTA vs. New Orleans - George, Sidney, Michael W., Andy
7 DENVER at Indianapolis - Flynn, Dan
6.5 SEATTLE at Houston - Kevin, genop
6.5 CINCINNATI at Minnesota - Mark, Michael K., jmh, Bad Brad, Gordon
4.5 TAMPA BAY vs. NY Jets - Doug
3.5 SAN FRANCISCO vs. Arizona - Hank, Rick

For our players to win points in the season-long pool, of course, their teams must win their games outright, without benefit of the point spread.

I see no pick anywhere by Gary or Annie this week, and so unless I missed something, they are riding the pines. Speaking of which, there are quite a few orphan 'dogs this time around -- either too crazy a bet, or offering too little a reward:

13.5 CAROLINA at New England
13 ST. LOUIS at Tennessee
13 DETROIT at Baltimore
3 CHICAGO vs. Green Bay
3 MIAMI at Jacksonville
3 SAN DIEGO at Dallas
1 OAKLAND vs. Washington

Now, see that? I'm loony enough to think St. Louis could pull off an upset. But then again, I have managed only one correct 'dog pick in the past 13 weeks, so don't go by what I'm choosing. Anyway, peeps, have a great day, and enjoy the games.

UPDATE, 3:12 p.m.: No winners in our pool today. That's why they call them underdogs, I guess. There are still two players hoping to make modest progress tomorrow night.

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Another big day for my "Close but No Cigar" imaginary trophy contest (betting line/# of pts by which the dog actually lost).

The Philadelphia Eagles made some of us very proud tonight.

"The Philadelphia Eagles made some of us very proud tonight."

Them's fightin' words to some of us this morning.

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