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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Around the far turn

The 'dogs are starting to smell the finish line. We're almost to solstice, when things start to get really serious among some of the Big Daddies of the NFL, and the players in our charity pro football underdog pool have made their selections for another week. Here's who they are predicting can win their games outright (without benefit of the point spread):

14 OAKLAND at Denver - genop's mom, Andy [and Michael W., whom I originally missed]
12.5 ST. LOUIS vs. Houston - Gary
11 CHICAGO at Baltimore - Kevin, Flynn, Robert
9 CAROLINA vs. Minnesota - Hank
9 SAN FRANCISCO at Philadelphia - genop, Bad Brad, Doug
7 BUFFALO vs. New England - Mark, Sidney, Dan
7 DALLAS at New Orleans (last night's winner) - Annie, George, Rick
6 ATLANTA at NY Jets - jmh, Michael K.

It has been a crazy week around here, and it is entirely possible that I have missed something, but I see no pick from Gordon or Michael W., which means that barring an error on my part, they sit he sits out this week. Here are the orphan 'dogs -- too much risk, too little reward, or both:

12 DETROIT vs. Arizona
6.5 TAMPA BAY at Seattle
6.5 CINCINNATI at San Diego
4 MIAMI at Tennessee
3 JACKSONVILLE vs. Indianapolis (Thursday, not a winner)
3 WASHINGTON vs. NY Giants
2 CLEVELAND at Kansas City
2 GREEN BAY at Pittsburgh

The standings as the week began were posted here, but don't forget to add 7 points for Annie, George, and Rick, who won last night. Enjoy the games and good luck, everybody (especially the Bears)!

Comments (7)

I was hoping to watch the Eagles vs 49's this morning. Because of the delay, looks like the sorry Seahawks will be on the menu instead. :(

Seaturkeys, Brad, Seaturkeys.

Though that is disrespectful to turkeys everywhere.

Watching the Seaturkeys first quarter, reminds me of this great effort...

I just turned the Seaturkey game off.

An entire team composed of folks who together don't give the effort of Randy Moss last week.


Wow, my hats off to Hank, picking Carolina over Minn, but especially to genop's mom and Andy for the pick of Oakland over the busted broncos. I was tempted to that one by memories of what a hot rivalry that once was ... forgetting that those hot rivalries survive even the vicissitudes of fortune. Great picking, dammit.

I took Oakland but it's not on the above list.

I avoid watching the Seahawks but saw a few plays. In one field goal attempt the hike came in on the bounce and went though the holder's hands. The ball rolled to the kicker who was just about to lateral it away when he got tackled. It was like watching a blooper highlight reel.
The Seahawks did everything they could to turn that field goal try into 7 the other way. They were rapidly working on their 3rd separate blooper element when the other team mercifully ended the play. It was, "Stop me before I screw up again!"

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