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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sellwood South

The San Francisco Bay Bridge is back open this morning after a nasty six-day closure, imposed when wind trashed a recent emergency repair job and endangered lives. And apparently another closure of that heavily traveled span will be needed soon.

We Portlanders can be grateful that we live in a place where the bridges are all relatively new and in good repair -- and that we never get strong storms.

Comments (4)

Only every half century or so.. give or take a few years.


And then I think the big quake followed in 1963. Meanwhile PDOT looks like it will demand streetcar tracks on any new Sellwood bridge. That should keep a new bridge on hold a while longer.

Go by streetcar! Heck! Just walk, it's about as fast.

Yeah, leave the I-5 bridge to Vancouver alone. Just run ferries for the overflow. But fix/replace the Sellwood yesterday!

...But those ferries would have to run on biodiesel and have special bicycle access, of course.

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