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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lincoln High soap opera heats up

Some truly wild goings-on in the David Adelman drunk driving trial -- including an appearance by Adelman's famous dad. Steve Duin has the details, here.

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THat parent obviously has to much money on his hands. Maybe a donation to MADD would better accomplish his goals.

Ah, to be rich and be able to afford to peddle your petty paranoias. Are financiers innately entitled a**holes, or is it learned on the job?

You know what gets me about this story? Mention of the Bullpen Tavern. That was one of my haunts back in the haze. I passed 25 years on the wagon last week or I could have been right there with this guy draining my life away.

Ahh, the Bullpen on a sunny afternoon. Crawl over to Civic Stadium for a baseball or soccer game. Drink there, then return to the Bullpen afterwards to refuel.

I was a regular, but then again, I was a regular at a lot of places.

Does young master Adelman have a wife and family? I hope not. Living out his sports fantasy and wasting his health and money at the Bullpen contributes nothing to his players, family or our society. He needs to re-think his career, lifestyle, and behaviour. Lincoln needs to re-think their hiring policies...

I personally don't care about Adelman's other personal choices, the haunts he inhabits, or the hours he keeps, and I'd be in his corner on this except for one thing: the driving around with the .14 BAC. There's just no way to sugarcoat that or put a happy face on it. And a repeat offense to boot.

None of the other facts in Mr. Houze's little flash-dance even matter. Here's what the judge will ask:
a. Was Mr. Adleman driving a motor vehicle on the date and time in question?
b. Did he have a .14 blood alcohol test result?

Yes, and yes. End of story.

Sorry RANZ, My money is on Mr. Houze. You can't even get close to "a" & "b" without first determining "P." Probable cause.

"In arguing there was no probable cause for the stop, Houze made much of the fact that the first two cops at the scene both said they did not see the traffic infraction -- changing lanes without signaling -- that Officer Josh Sparks cited as his reason for stopping Adelman after he pulled out onto West Burnside."

If you've learned anything living in Portland, is the fact PPD lie. Mr Houze has done quite well proving this indisputable fact.

Oh, Lake Oswego Police lie too!

In 2002,Damon Stoudamire was charged with a felony after police found a large bag of marijuana in his home while responding to a burglar alarm. A judge declared the search illegal. Re. A lack of probable cause. His attorney? Steven Houze

Is there a good reason the parent hired a PI to follow this guy? No excuse for the B.A. and driving. But what is with the parent? Did Adelman exhibit symptoms of intoxication while coaching? Just wondering what this means to all those folks that volunteer in good faith to coach kids in multiple sports. Are they going to be followed around by PI's hired by parents that don't like their coaching decisions. Again, I'm not defending the driving under the influence, but a PI parked in the tavern is kind of spooky.

Nothing against Mr. Houze, he's gotten some friends of mine out of some trouble in the past. But I am certain that a judge will take a hard line on the DUI.

Drinking and driving is wrong. End of story. Nothing can excuse it, and it's a good thing he's off the road before he kills somebody.

But what gets me is that this parent was so unhappy over his kid's playing time that he was trying to take Adelman down. That's almost as twisted as trying to take out your daughter's cheerleading competition as happened in Texas a few years back.

I have 3 kids in sports. Some parents (fortunately a minority) get really focused on wanting their kid to be the best, to get the most scoring opportunities, to be the brightest star. I think some of that comes from the competition for athletic scholarships, but a lot of it also comes from ego. My Kid Is Better Than Yours. These are the parents who ruin youth sports.

The parent, John Lekas, has a long, well-documented history of being a dirtbag. WW did a story on him a few year back that brought several episodes to light that ranged from his assault of another driver in a road rage incident, to menacing a neighbor with a gun, to knowingly passing a STD to a woman. His rep in the investment world is rock bottom.

I wonder what his buddy, Lars Larson, thinks of this whole thing.

Let me get this straight:
David Adelman has too much to drink.
A citizen calls the police to report it.
Adelman blows a .14 -- almost twice the legal limit.
Adelman wants to throw out the arrest because the citizen who dropped a dime on him had some other reason for tailing him.
Wow. Just wow. Houze expects that to fly?

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