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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Go Beavers! Oh, and death to America.

Reporting from Corvallis, it's Al Jazeera.

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Hopefully you jest (about AJ being an anti-American news agency)? While sometimes playing to Arab anger, they are otherwise a remarkably even-handed organization.

Yes, their coverage of the beheadings of Americans has been very even-handed.

Probably about as even-handed as most US coverage of drone attacks that have killed hundreds of civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hey, tell me about it. Fox is worse.

Wait for it! Here it comes!

Its' Bushs fault!

Jack, where did this report say "death to America?" Oh, right, it didn't.

Your point is what exactly?

I don't need one. It's my blog. But in this case, I do have one.

"... the beheadings of Americans ...."

For most people, probably normal, it is all beyond rational or reasonable so I won't even try. The thing is this garrote-with-a-piano-wire was picked up (from the French) by CIA-types in early-'50s Vietnam and their use of it was called 'wet work.' Arabic-type culture and convention goes more for scimitar and 'blade work' and even then not necessarily beheadings, simple homicide suffices. The Daniel Pearl traumatizing video was a CIA fear infection (which worked, for most people, probably normal), and the ruse of it can be seen where every one is wearing Abu Ghraib orange jumpsuits (CIA issue) and sitting on Abu Ghraib white plastic chairs (CIA issue) -- like as seen in photos of (where else?) Abu Ghraib -- and then Pearl's lips don't synch with the overdubbed screams, which are also wrong but I'm already into more gruesome detail than I'm going. Just, the CIA had Pearl in custody last and didn't like him or any other reporter asking questions ... so 'a message was sent.' And, think about it both ways and pick one: The 'al Kaders' terror people are going to behead someone and send a video of it ... because? This is going to scare us and then our country disintegrates just like they planned? The 'CIAders' terror people behead someone (already dead) and send a video made to look like 'al Kaders' did it ... because? So we believe there's a bad nasty enemy where none actually exists, and we are traumatized with fright and duct tape plastic over doors and windows and hide under the bed if the CIAders say to?

Besides, the waaaaay bad stuff out of the region -- north of there at ground zero (so to speak) of the ginormous natural gas and oil deposits, in Uzbekistan -- it's too bloody gruesome even for Al Jazeera coverage and the only word getting out is in CIA channels. Field reports of actions by our (CIA) client administration (dictator) in Uzbekistan. (I was going to excerpt here from the messages I read in those channels but, wouldn't you know it, whatta surprise, the server is Not Found right now, so ...), for a tame rendition of what is being alluded to, let me just say 'like in Shogun' (by James Clavel(?)), and give this link for anyone to delve deeper into it for, like, facts and that sorta stuff.

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