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Sunday, November 29, 2009


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Domestic violence is hilarious. Particularly when it's woman as abuser, man as abused---right?

What domestic abuse? It was minor traffic accident. Here Elin is seen freeing Tiger from the "probably locked" Escalade.

I know that's what Tiger wants to put out there---that it was merely a traffic accident, but I don't think you believe that anymore than I do.

I'm not as attuned to the PC sensibility as you are.

When is Nike coming out with the window wedge?

Maybe they were playing Rock, Paper, Golf Club?

The TV movie can be called, "Attack of the Trophy Wife."

Has Nick Fish issued a statement yet?

I sense a little of the Sam-Adams-"I was only mentoring him" dynamic.
Why do people who are trying to sell a phony cover story always get carried away?
Tiger was doing okay with his statement 'til he said his wife had been "courageous" in response to the accident.
Courageous? Sure, with an emphasis on the "rage" part.

Why can't these guys say "none of your business, it's personal"?

I mean he has a bazillion $ owrth of agents behind him, you'd think they'd have thought this through a little better. That statement asks more than it answers.

I wouldn't be putting out extra chip shots if I had a wife who looked like that!

Man's got a lot of making up to do. My guess is that Tiger's statement was about apology and letting his wife know that he is 100 percent behind her.

Tiger is no dope. When he met the Mrs. he said he had met his match. Specifically,

"She's so much like me. She's very competitive, very feisty, just like I am."

She proved her mettle Thanksgiving night more than Eldrick had bargained for.

I know Tiger's wife is a real knockout but this is ridiculous.

Tiger has issued a statement to his wife: He is really, really sorry for his behavior, and is planning to work harder than ever to regain her trust.

Meanwhile, he's canceled his Celebrity Blond Trophy Wife Invitational, and his 2010 Plan for Better Driving no longer appears on his website.

He also denies rumors his pants were unzipped and that onlookers smelled alcohol on his breath. He claims he was attempting to make a right turn into his driveway and accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

When asked how many times did she swing the club, she replied "five or six, put me down for a five."

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