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Sunday, November 1, 2009

'Dogs to go, with everything

The players in our charity pro football underdog pool have picked these upsets; in order for them to win, the lesser-rated team (in caps) must win its game outright:

13 SAN FRANCISCO at Indianapolis - Sidney
10 CAROLINA at Arizona - Michael W.
10 ATLANTA at New Orleans - Robert, Kevin, Andy
9.5 ST. LOUIS at Detroit - Rick, genop's mom, jmh, Dan, Gordon, Doug
3.5 BUFFALO vs. Houston - George, Annie, genop, Mark
3.5 MIAMI at NY Jets - Hank, Bad Brad
3 MINNESOTA at Green Bay - Gary

Nobody wanted these 'dogs:

17 OAKLAND at San Diego
14 CLEVELAND at Chicago
10 SEATTLE at Dallas
3 DENVER at Baltimore
3 JACKSONVILLE at Tennessee
1 NY GIANTS at Philadelphia

I have no selection from Flynn, Michael K., or Mojo, and so unless they can show that I somehow overlooked a legit communication of their picks, they sit out this week. (The deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Saturday.)

The standings so far are:

7.5 - Gary, George
0 - Everyone else

Enjoy the games, everybody!

Comments (4)

Boy, quite the bipolar distribution of spreads this week -- a bunch down a the low end and a bunch way up high, nothing in the middle range.

Do you recall if this is typical for this point in the season in prior years? Or are we really seeing a move away from parity?

Parity is now a parody. Last year, Week 8 was:

9.5 CINCINNATI at Houston
8.5 ATLANTA at Philadelphia
8 DETROIT vs. Washington
7 CLEVELAND at Jacksonville
7 OAKLAND at Baltimore
7 ST. LOUIS at New England
5 SEATTLE at San Francisco
4.5 ARIZONA at Carolina
3.5 NEW ORLEANS vs. San Diego in London
3.5 INDIANAPOLIS at Tennessee
3 NY GIANTS at Pittsburgh
1.5 MIAMI vs. Buffalo

A great day for the dogs today . . . not MY dog, of course, but many winners among our pickers, and for real points too. Makes it more exciting.

The standings at this hour:

Gary - 10.5
Michael W. - 10
Dan - 9.5
Doug - 9.5
genop's mom - 9.5
Gordon - 9.5
jmh - 9.5
Rick - 9.5
George - 7.5
Bad Brad - 3.5
Hank - 3.5
Everybody else - 0

Still to play tomorrow night: 10 ATLANTA at New Orleans - Robert, Kevin, Andy

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