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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The ultimate indignity

You go to jail for possession of bong water.

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Wow, that's harsh.

If "37 grams of bong water constituted about 2-1/2 tablespoons", how many grams would larger amounts of bong water constitute? Many bongs hold a cup or two of water.

I think the rule on whether this is a drug should depend on whether anyone would actually use it.

In other jurisdictions, the biggest risk of possessing dirty bong water is spilling it on the carpet.

The law of perhaps unintended consequenses is in effect.
Convict this woman, send her kids into foster care for 8 years, both at vast expense to the tax payer, when a rehab program would perhaps be much more effective with possible positive outcomes for her and her children.
Oh dear...there I go again with 'socialist ideas'.

The two dissenting judges called the majority ruling absurd, and I agree.

She is a presumed meth user, I suppose, and the treatment should be as "portland native" suggests.

I say legalize and tax meth. Then all the problems go away.

I wonder how the court would look at the practice of some meth users of saving urine (for reprocessing)? Up to 55 gallon drums of the stuff!


Just make her drink the bong water!

I wonder how OHSU is doing on that meth cooking and testing on humans thing they were starting up ? It was in the Oregonian a while back.

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