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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reader poll: Bring back the Oden-ometer?

Remember our Oden-ometer from last year's Blazers? We charted Greg Oden's progress in each game, with a Walton for a good game, a Bowie for a bad one, and a Natt for a so-so.

A couple of readers have suggested that we bring this feature back for Oden's second season, which began with a Natt last night. Keeping up the meter is a bit of a chore, but it's worth it if readers want to see it. We seem to recall that a few readers hated it. So what do you think?

Should we bring back the Oden-ometer for another year?
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Comments (25)

Don't see the point of picking on the one guy anymore. Why not a meter for the whole team?

How about a Durant vs. Oden comparison meter, or would that only make us cry too much?

Jack..... You forgot to include that the first round first pick draft bust also had SEVEN turnovers.....

What's the point? He'll never be a Walton, maybe a Natt, more likely a Dudley or Bowie, but not a Martin. If you keep the meter running, I'd change the pictures to reflect reality.

I voted no although I looked forward to it last year; I think it's done.

I think what you need to do is put up a game-by-game meter for Nate McMillan. Was he a Jack Ramsay (asset) or a PJ Carlesimo (anchor around the team's neck) the night before? Critiquing Oden is, at this point, beating a dead horse. He is who he is -- the question is about the organization that chose him and the coaching that guides him and picks players to put on the floor with him.

I hate the Oden-meter!

Nah, the meter is played out. Jokespiration date: expired.

Roy went 5-18 last night and Miller 3-11. That and the turnovers made it a close game.

I thought Oden did pretty good. The turnovers the obvious exception. His D was pretty solid and offensive rebounds are always welcome. Best stat for Blazers fans was outrebounding the Rockets 51-33.

I would like to see another voting choice please. How about "Who Cares"?

Yes, Greg got a bunch of rebounds and blocked shots. Also a ton of turnovers and only one basket. I think Chris Dudley is a better offensive player. Where were Oden's "new moves"?

Best stat for Blazers fans was outrebounding the Rockets 51-33.

The guy the Rockets started at CENTER is 6'6". I mean, holy cow, they better have a +18 rebounds margin.

Walton was 24-25 years old before he did anything in the NBA. Oden is still a 21.

You guys suck the fun out of being a Blazer fan...

To be fair Chuck Hayes butt measures 6'6" by 6'6" and when he grinds that into the back of Oden's knees its probably a bit destabilizing.

I'm retracting my vote. I voted "yes" to keep it, but the more I think about, the more I believe that its time has past. It's only relevant if (some) people still talk about him becoming a dominant 20-12 type of guy. Since NO ONE believes that anymore, there's not point to the meter...

I thought the third guy was Billy Ray Bates! Silly me.

I think the discouraging thing about last night was that it showed that Nate doesn't trust Oden yet. I mean, check that out: the guy the Rockets started at center, Oden's position, is 6'6". Puny! And Oden had...drumroll...two points. And those came with 54 seconds left to play. Imagine the New England Patriots playing a game in which Randy Moss was covered by a nose tackle. Now imagine Randy Moss catching 1 pass for 10 yards in that game. What's wrong with this picture? I don't know if Oden is the problem, or if Nate is the problem. I'm not sure he's the right coach to take us where we need to be.

I took a hiatus from this blog because of the stupid Oden meter. First, few people commenting on Oden seem to know a thing about basketball or sports generally. Second, let the kid play--it is ridiculous to judge someone as a wash, or a star for that matter, during the first season, or the second season, or even the fifth season. Look at Jermaine O'Neal. If you had a blog at the time, he would have been a wash or overrated and all the bandwagon know-nothing monday night QB would have commented on how bad he sucked. Then O'Neal goes off to Indiana and has a fantastic run. He'll grow into the position over time if people don't run him out of town first.

Here's the bottom line: it is one freakin' game into the season and people are picking at the scab already...see above posts about his 7 TOs. What Blazer didn't have too many TOs? The important point is he get into foul trouble while blocking 5 shots and pulling 10+ rebounds? If that is Oden's only significant improvement over the course of the season, I'll take that any day over points. This team has plently of people who should be scoring. Priz fouled out, LA got into foul trouble, as did Steve Blake. Roy lacked offensive strength last night and that is more worrisome that Oden's lack of baskets. That Outlaw led in points should be the topic of conversation today and not Oden's lack of post-up play.


I my snarl above, I wanted to say "he [did not] get into foul trouble...."

Then O'Neal goes off to Indiana and has a fantastic run.


I don't think most people thought he was a bust. Most people were smart enough to see that Dumbleavy didn't like him.

It's sort of the same thing with Oden. Nate doesn't want him in the offense. Too bad.

"he [did not] get into foul trouble...."

He drew five fouls in 26 minutes. "Trouble" is in the eye of the beholder.

Oden is still a 21.

You don't actually believe that, do you?

It is beyond me as to why criticizing Greg Oden is akin to stealing from a grandmother in the court of public opinion and Blazer fandom.........

After reading Blazers Edge's breakdown of Oden's performance, I'm more inclined to view a Mac-ometer with Ramsay, Schuler, and Cheeks replacing Walton, Natt, and Bowie. They HAVE to get the big guy the ball. They just have to. And it's on Nate to make sure it happens.

Fonzi--my issue is that none of other Blazers receive half the critical focus that Oden receives. When Outlaw sucks, he gets a walk because everyone remembers the last 4th quarter 3-point shot and forget all the crap in the first 3 quarters. But Oden gets disembowled if every stat category isn't exceptional.


Greg Oden is getting disembowled because he was the #1 pick chosen over a player (Kevin Durant) who already is the backbone of a young team and if coached well and surrounded with the right cast will become All Star quality.

Blazers fans will always wonder "what if we had picked Kevin Durant" when discussing Greg Oden's career with Portland.

The comparison between Oden and Durant is more than fair. The ensuing criticism of Oden can, at times, become unfair.

As for Trailblazers fans, the fact that Oden came out of Ohio State should have sent shudders automatically.

I cannot remember the last time a great NBA player came out of Ohio State. Hell, I am having trouble remembering the last great NFL player to come out of Ohio State because Troy Smith is riding the pine pony in Baltimore.

I think it's fun. You could take some of the labor out of it by leaving off the stats altogether, and just link to the box score.

When Oden improves and we finally have winter MLS under domed PGE park, you can do a meter on some overpaid metric-football doofus instead.

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