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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just another day in Portland

A friend of ours was here from out of town this week, and the other morning he met this gal in Pioneer Courthouse Square:

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Since this is October, this isn't that unusual. Since this is Portland, it isn't unusual in any month.

Sure its a Gal?

Another candidate for governor?

100% woman. With pizazz! Saw WW walking around there at noon in full cape handing out pamphlets-- part of the violence against women awarness events that day.

Wonder what side of the Polanski issue she weighs in on?

Wow! Amanda Fritz looks great when she gets her coif under control.

Wow, the Mayor's new makeover. He's obviously going on a crime fighting mission too. He's not only lying low, he's well disguised. Sam in drag - Brilliant.

What "side" of the "Polanski issue" do you weigh in on, pdxjim? I'd guess someone opposed to violence against women would be on the "side" opposing drugging and raping a 13 year-old, wouldn't you?

I don't see her plane...but I guess that's to be expected.

No plane. Jet propelled bike.

George, I too am against violence against women and children. But Hollywood views these trangressions a little differently.


Jim, there are amoral idiots in the world.

A good many seem to be in the industry called "Hollywood," which is not surprising given that their entire reality and business model involves catering to fantasy life, showing people pictures of people to whom no normal limits seem to apply.

What is odd is that, for some reason, your question about the activist in the photo seems to suggest that you think she might be one of the idiots. Or have you wondered how everyone you meet or see a picture of thinks about Polanski?

re polanski: If you research a bit, you will find he has little support in the real Hollywood. A couple of people have written columns debunking the idea that US movie biggies think he is OK. Support is in Europe.

"...and I love her."

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