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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is Phil Knight starting a space program?

He's reportedly dumped $185 million worth of Nike stock onto the market in the past week.

Get ready for a long wait at the gold coin store over on Hawthorne if he's heading over that way to make a purchase.

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Sold mine as well. They are just short of their all time high and if big boy is bailing, I'm out the door with him.

That's just WAM for a year: Walking Around Money

he might be anticipating another major drop in the market...


Mr. Knight is cashing in a small percentage of his Nike holdings so he can generously give to charities and causes he is passionate about. Common don’t read anything else into it. He is a billionaire for Christ sakes; it doesn’t matter to him if his stock goes up or down a few points. Just think of the impact his capital gains Oregon tax will make for helping the budget. Be happy he is a patriot.

The Ducks are down to their last 437 uniforms.

If Phil were a true patriot, he would close some of his overseas sweat shops and make those $150.00 shoes in Oregon.
(Buy Oregon First,Phil!)
Next he would drop those multi million jock endorcements and donate that cash to the Oregon Food Bank and Sisters Of The Road!
Remember Mr. Knight your company is public and you no longer own it.
Sooooooo start doing the right thing.


Right on with your comments. Except, while Phil sold about three million shares last week. He still owns 86 million shares, worth around a cool %5.7 billion dollars at last weeks price. Trust me he still owns the company.

So maybe he just has a Yen for selling.

Maybe he is buying a baseball team and building a stadium...

Mr. Knight is cashing in a small percentage of his Nike holdings so he can generously give to charities and causes he is passionate about.

I doubt very much that his financial advisors would let him do that. It would probably be a dumb move from a tax standpoint. He'd likely be much better off tax-wise giving the stock to charity and having the charity sell it.

Well, his sports franchise... err... alma mater is building a ridiculously expensive basketball arena with his name on it. Perhaps the budget isn't exactly accurate? That would never happen with a public entity construction project...

I read that he's going to launch a business with Richard Heene.

Hmmm, corporate insiders busily selling their own stock. That's a good sign for the market. Nothing to see here, Common Man. Keep feeding that 401k.

I wonder if Phil Knight will expand Autzen again first, or build the 30 to 40 million dollar "state of the art" indoor track he is planning for UO. Either way he has that good old University of Oregon eminent domain power(and Kulongoski as sports pork cheerleader) to dominate the land use playing field.

state-of-the-art indoor track , YEEE HAA , go for it Big Guy !!

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