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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Memories on the market

We're winding down from a big day here. Our annual garage sale netted pretty close to 500 bucks -- most of which was ours, although a few friends threw in some items that went out as well. Yard sales are such a great thing. We get room in our basement and closets, plus some welcome cash; neighbors get bargains. Stuff gets reused. Everybody wins.

These sales are bittersweet nowadays, as there's a part of us that doesn't want to let go of the latest stage that our children have outgrown. Today we sold the two-seater toddler chair that the girls watched many a video from. I just saw it in a neighbor's front yard. The Barbie airplane also left us. And the Groovy Girl tent! There was a lot of love surrounding that item.

A blue footnote, however -- somebody swiped a couple of our yard sale signs off telephone poles on Knott Street. These are hand-drawn signs on the backs of some old, professionally produced signs that we had bought as part of a neighborhood protest years ago. We've reused them many times since then as part of our sale promotions, but today somebody decided to take a couple of them away. Here's what they looked like, front and back:

If you are the person who took these signs, because you wanted to re-use them yourself for some purpose -- we've used them for all sorts of functions, including under the kitty litter box -- please e-mail me here and I will gladly give you four new ones in exchange for our two old ones. The new ones will be completely blank on one side, perfect for you to use as your canvas, if that's what this is about.

If you are the person who took these signs, and you did so for some other reason, please e-mail me here and I will send you the names and phone numbers of some excellent mental health professionals. You definitely need to see one.

Comments (4)

Jack, I believe it is illegal to attach signs to utility poles.

Look on the bright side, maybe someone on a low budget needed them to keep cancer causing cell towers off some school property ?

I believe it is illegal to attach signs to utility poles.

A law that is never enforced -- particularly against a sign that was only going to be posted for 6 hours.

I never understood why people stole yard signs... Doesn't make any sense... However, funny post there... lol

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