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Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's pickin' time again

They're playing college football already, and soon -- very soon -- the big daddies of pro football will be going at it, too. For the last couple of years, we've enhanced our enjoyment of the pro game by entering into a season-long underdog pool. The cost is a big $20 for the whole year, and it's been well worth it (especially since we won third prize last year and came out way ahead).

The way the game is played is pretty simple. As the organizer has put it: "Each week, you will select one and only one [NFL] underdog. If that underdog wins outright, you win the number of points they were an underdog by." The point spreads are established fairly early every week; you make your choice, send in your e-mail, and then root for your underdog that weekend. Whichever player has collected the most points at the end of the season (including the playoffs) wins top prize, and last year the next three highest pickers also got some dough.

At last report, there were 25 players signed up, with room for up to five more. If you're interested in being one of them, let me know right away and I'll put you in touch with the grand poobah of the pool. He can give you the full rules and procedures, and tell you where to send your twenty.

The first lines will be published in less than a week, but already we're peeking at the schedule. Can Jacksonville beat the Colts? How about the anemic Rams over the inept Seahawks? Could the lowly Chiefs beat the Ravens, or their own grandmothers? Should be fun guessing.

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