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Thursday, September 3, 2009

"I am out of your league. Period."

Here's a new blog by some women who are dating in Portland these days. Not a pretty picture so far.

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"Confessions of a Dateaholic in the City" -- on a sticky site, to boot. Unwow.

Out of My League? Sure, honey. I gave up on A ball a long time ago.

So unwow.

This bad attempt to create a bizarro missinyourbusiness is a painful read. A vapid 38-year-old woman complains about her dating experiences. Woe is me and my gorgeous self. No Portland man is sufficiently boinkable to eat sushi with.


Skip this crap and read the real f'ing deal:


This is painful to read. Not because the Stories aren't true and commonplace in pdx (I was single once and could tell some doozies) but because the writing is so poor --and dare I say, BORING. I'm left with the feeling these girls may be pretty but lack intelligence and likely personality.

...Then just give up, Lulabelle. The rainy season is almost here anyway. Get some comfy sweatpants, a gallon of Ben & Jerry's and dock on the sofa. No man will ever live up to your level of awsomeness anyway.

I'm sure the attitude does not contribute to the single status in any way.

Hint: confidence is good, but being an arrogant elitist snob turns off the exact people you're looking to find.

I find it funny (humorous and strange) that Bojack's story on this blog has more comments about these girls (ladies? okay 'females') than does even their own blog.

And the only comments that I saw came from 1) females, who were 2) blog co-authors. WTF is up with that?

The guy (yeah, we are mostly guys commenting at bojack's) who suggested some sweats, B&J ice cream, and a sofa was right on.

Good luck, women!

Hey! I'm 38 and single! These ladies seem to be about par for the course of what's out there. They're 100% right...they're out of my league.

I'm right there with ya, Bean. Out of my league? We aren't even playing the same game...

Don't know what my problem is, though. At least I don't have cats(!!!) Or a non-ironic moustache. :-D

Here's a tip for the ladies... if all you're offering is awesome hotness... and that's all a 38-year-old is looking for... then he's browsing the 20-something section, not your aisle. Your target demo is mid-40's to mid-50's, so that 48-year-old was just about right.

Thanks for the link to our new blog, Jack! We're brand new and couldn't ask for a better way to be introduced.

Guys - because you're mostly guys here - we love you. Truly we do. Many of you live up to our awesomeness every day - and some of you transcend it. We'll talk about you on our blog, too. Be patient.

Now, I think someone said "ice cream"?



Nice to see Lula the Belle has a sense of humor!

Sounds like they watch too much Sex in the City.

"Guys - because you're mostly guys here - we love you. Truly we do. Many of you live up to our awesomeness every day - and some of you transcend it. We'll talk about you on our blog, too. Be patient."

Snarkiness is cute. But seriously, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I've always found "dating with a list" humorous. These kinds of people keep bumping into each other online, lists in hand, but can't figure out why they "just can't meet the right one".

I have one suggestion: get rid of the list, and start being interested in meeting people. individuals.

Because that's all there is--individuals. People aren't lists. If you think that a checklist is going to increase your chance of happiness, you're in for a long, painful life. Which, apparently, you can blog about.

Dating, in the American sense, is much like the traditional job interview.

Many employers are starting to realize that a polished resume, well selected references, rehearsed dialog, and a flashy suit say nothing about a potential employee's actual on-the-job performance.

That is why networking has become so important--- and why many employers are Googling candidates for Facebook dirt before making a hiring decision.

My advice for the women who run "dating in the rose city" is: Find a new approach. If you do ever find a man who lives up to your ridiculous standards--- chances are he is only faking anyway.

"... comments that I saw came from 1) females, who were 2) blog co-authors."

My stigmatism stuttered just so in a first fast scan and I thought it said "co-offenders."

My mistaken seeing matched my misgivings of the seen.

Oh, btw, as a matter of practical advice (or constructive criticism), spoken in the voice of experience and hoping this don't sound haughty: The finest matchmaking made for you (young ladies) succeeds best by a cup-of-coffee consultation with the Art of an astrologer.

Inquiries welcomed. Reply here.

Anybody who thinks they are that "hot" has got to have issues that are deal-breakers.

I found that out long, long ago. After the 'hot babe' I lived with spent her time boinking every tintillating offer that came down the pike. I'll pass on the STDs, Lula. Fickle is crap; I'll take loyalty any day.

Oh...I forgot. The descriptor...


Glad I have been happily married for the past 23 years after reading that blog... They are not "all that"...

Fonzi: You are so spot on with that remark. At least one of these women sounds like the aging harpie I dated back in the mid 1990s. Thank heaven I had the good fortune to meet my wife nine years ago and have never seen her since.

Dave A:

"Thank heaven I had the good fortune to meet my wife nine years ago and have never seen her since."

Is this the secret to a long, successful marriage? ; - >


I re-entered the dating field in 2004. I did the online thing.

Let me tell you, those women who were my age and 'never married'? Once met, in the flesh, it usually became quite obvious as to why that situation prevailed.

And, divorcees? You must be kidding. Given the pissing and moaning I heard, I'd say there was a good reason for the divorce, too...and it wasn't the other party.

It was horrifying.

I found a disheartened widow who matched this disheartened widower. She's not a "hot babe", but she's sweet, smart, and loving.

I have arrived at the conclusion that it is "hot babes" who are the source of most of the relationship problems. Blogs like the one indicated do nothing but reinforce that.

Ick. After reading all this, I am glad to be "an old married lady" and have found a new sense of appreciation for my status as such.

Ummm she is right. Dating is SOOOO bad here in the Portland that I started meeting first dates at places that had exits close to the bathroom. This way I could slip out and call them on my way to my car and say I had an emergency.

I can honestly say that if I was still single I would not be going on any more dates in PDX.

My current boyfriend moved here from Texas.

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