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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crickets for Creepy

There's been no news from the Sam Adams recall people lately, and that's not a good sign if you want them to succeed. With just over two weeks to go to turn in their gazillion signatures, you'd think that if they were anywhere close to success, they'd be mounting a big, public, final push. The absence of any such push indicates that the movement -- at least as current configured -- isn't going to make it.

Then again, anything's possible, I suppose. We'll have plenty of time to discuss the failings of the recall if and when time actually does run out on it.

And is there any rule against another group filing another recall petition against the same politician? Maybe there could be a recall petition circulating throughout the entire Adams reign. We set ourselves up for this nervous breakdown -- let's do it right.

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Considering who ran the recall campaign. This is no great shock that it has failed. One has to wonder if Mr Wurster is a shill for Scoutmaster Sam??

Don't worry. Sammy boy is programmed for self destruction. He's got plenty besides a little affair/molestation to hide.
And now that a few rich dudes aren't getting their headquarters hotel, maybe the ol' boy network will cut him loose...

You can file a second recall when the first one doesn't qualify by the deadline. You get a new clock (and hopefully a new chief petitioner).

I remember Vera Katz had two separate recalls running simultaneously against her (the second was probably coordinated by Adams to divide the forces because the signatures were not fungible).

If the right people put a plan together in the coming weeks, Adams could be recalled before Thanksgiving.

I don't buy the theory that Jason was a shill for Adams though. He may be (very) naive, but he has conducted himself with integrity.

A guy just knocked on my door, asking me to sign. I did, as did my wife.

I hope there are more like him out there. I would be, too, but I lack the charm and charisma to get people to answer their door. ;)

We're in Grant Park, if you're wondering.

They are indeed making a big final push, which may be why we haven't heard much from them lately. They are recruiting for folks to go door-to-door collecting signatures from neighbors.

Wasting time going door-to-door is (by far) the main reason this campaign is doomed. One person standing on a streetcorner in a high-traffic retail area can gather more signatures in a day than they can in a week of trudging door-to-door. I live downtown and have not seen a single recall-Adams petitioner all summer. The medical-pot folks, on the other hand, accost me on a near-daily basis outside the library, PC Square, Powell's etc. Those are the kind of people you want running a recall!

As Bill McDonald advised weeks ago in this forum, don't wait for someone to come to your door. Go to Division Hardware at SE 37th and ask to sign the petition. Advise your friends and neighbors to do the same.

32-50K signatures should not be an impossible achievement. 18yo Jake O-B won 28% of the mayoral vote against Ms Katz in her third and final campaign.

Its all about money, and this effort did not have cash support.
Sad when you think of all the money that has been wasted on issues that are ridiculous or really don't count.

Nary a petitioner in sight at the Hillsdale Farmers Market at around noon. Busy place today and potential for conversations and support. As others have said, being somewhere where people come to you is far more efficient that door to door (which I have done for certain campaigns in my past (no door to door in this decade though)).

Drop by the office with a roll of first class stamps or a check. Sign. Have your friends sign.

Sam Adams just needs eight paid signature gatherers to slay his dragon, and they only need a month. I'll pay for one of them, if seven more people will each pay for another one. :).

It is a miracle that this campaign will be so close to having nearly the minimum number of signatures needed by the time it reincarnates on October 6th.

And please quit trashing Jasun, and collect a few signatures the next time a political outrage like this comes to pass.

Although I pray none of you ever see an overweight octagenarian, in shorts and bright pink lipstick, hanging on her walker, hiss, "you're all a bunch of homophobes," like i had the pleasure of encountering last week.

But please do cough up some dough, for God's sake. And yes, many many stamps, please. Many. And envelopes. And your teenage daughters and sons.

But I hope you DO see people like the gorgeous Vietnamese American teenager with the rather extreme nose piercing barbell, who practically yelled, from her front passenger seat- "I wanna sign it!" when I approached the driver of the car she was in yesterday.

Or people like the Vietnamese American business owner who said, "I can get fifteen or twenty signatures for you" in a heavy accent yesterday. "When do I need to get it back to you?"

Or people like the owner of a sushi joint, also heavily accented, sporting an orange hair color job, who also signed yesterday.

Or people like the guy who said to me in the store today "if we don't exercise this right, we're going to lose it."

But it would be a chilling thing for you to meet the two women who said to me yesterday- "we totally support the recall, but we can't sign it right now."

And it would be a depressing thing for you to hear Adams' supporters often say, "I like Sam". As though liking Sam were somehow a logical explanation for why they won't support a revote that would allow people like me, who feel their vote was STOLEN, can get some justice. And to provide some justice to Sho Dozono and all the people who voted for him.

While it is unclear that Adams would have lost the election if we had known the details of his exploitation of a teenager, it is crystal clear that he would not have won it during the primary, and would have had to submit to a run-off election, and a little more time and scrutiny, which would likely have allowed all his other can-of-worms issues to emerge. Like his nasty personality, his fiscal craziness, his alcoholism, etc.

As it it, we have to endure the words, "I like Sam" from his supporters. The whole city needs a giant, King Kong twelve-step program.

I didn't know there were petitions at Division Hardware. I've been in the store at least six times since the recall started, never saw a sign or heard anyone mention it.

I get out quite a bit to local events and have yet to run into a recall petitioner. I'll track one down when the deadline looms.

I also haven't run into any petitioners for the Oregonians Against Job Killing, Child Molesting, Meth Addicting Tax Increases either. Where is this group getting all the signatures that are supposed to be a sure thing to make it to the ballot?

Sam is a disgrace, we all know that.
But this recall is not going to change Portland city government.

All politicians are liars, so this is not an exceptional case.

Let him serve his term and then show him the exit at the next election.

I basically feel the same as Al. Adams lied about an affair and tried to cover it up, just like Bill Clinton. I didn't support Clinton's impeachment on those grounds (even though he, unlike Adams, lied under oath) and I likewise don't support the Adams recall. What both men did was slimy but didn't really affect anyone other than the parties involved and their families -- and thus doesn't justify the disruption and taxpayer expense of a special election. I also disagree with many of Adams' political decisions since becoming mayor -- he broke a lot of promises and I doubt that I will vote for him for anything ever again, certainly not in a primary. But again, I don't think policy differences are legitimate grounds for recall. That's what regularly scheduled elections are for. Let's all just resolve to do better in 2012.

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