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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reader poll: Which real estate pipedream is goofier?

A couple of wild articles in the local media tonight. First, somebody says that development in the Gateway District on the east side of Portland is about to take off, if only a few streets get changed around. Meanwhile, a luxury resort and spa is opening up to much fanfare -- in Newberg.


Which development story is more delusional?
Better roads in Gateway may spur developers
Luxury resort scheduled to open in Newberg
The two stories are equally delusional
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Comments (9)

Gateway ain't going nowhere.

Heh...yeah...and pssst, Rockwood is a sleeper.

Newberg is in the middle of vineyard country.

'Nuff said.

Newberg is in the middle of vineyard country.

Yeah... and?

Wine travel's got to be hurting. Why are people going to flock to Newberg rather than Napa?

Last I heard, David Kahn of basketball fame was going down this road, but he's in Minnesota now. Did his thing ever get built?

The City wants to improve roads? Surely that will only encourage people to drive. Let's get a streetcar line out there. If you leave at breakfast, you'll arrive by happy hour.

For what it's worth, the executive chef at the Joel Palmer House is a friend of mine. I was talking to him a couple weeks back, and asked him how this economic fiasco had effected him, and he says that while it's slower, he hasn't been effected nearly as much as others in the industry.

People that have shedloads of money, still live as they did. It's people that don't have swimming pools of cash that are hurting right now.

When they say "development will take off" in Gateway, do they mean mega-apartment complexes? I'd say that took off years ago. We don't need any more development of that sort!

What we do need is for somebody to clean up Halsey--it's ugly! And crosswalks on Glisan and Halsey (with pedestrian-activated lights) would be nice so kids could actually walk or ride their bikes to school without taking their lives in their hands.

"Many of Gateway’s streets lead nowhere"

Huh, I grew up around there and never got lost on a street. However, if they are going toimprove the streets maybe that's not a bad thing.

The Newberg luxury resort seems way too ambitious for down there. People who visit the wineries do so as a day trip. They usually want to stay in the metropolitan area and soak up the other cultural spots. After a day touring and tasting, what else is there to do in Newberg? I find little of interest along the main drag unless you are looking for fast food, strip malls and auto parts stores. Throw in a few more used car lots and you have roughly the equivelant of an 82nd avenue. I think it will flop.

Gateway doesn't need any more crapbox development. Our home is on the far eastside; and there is already a glut of vacant commercial space and apartments in the area. Not to mention all the new four story craphole apartment building in the area are completely out of character with the neighborhood; which mostly consists of single story homes and two story apartment buildings. Any of these developer a-holes that "thinks" otherwise hasn't done their homework lately.

The Austins, owners of ADEC adn the folks I beleive are behind the Newberg "resort," have money to burn. If they want it, they'll get it.

I'd rather they didn't put up that hotel, but isn't it a little shortsided to propose scraping projects (the resort has been in the works for some time) due to current conditions? I mean, things are eventually going to get better, right? Maybe?

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