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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Portland hospitality

From time to time our travels take us past a Pacific Power substation over in the Lloyd District. Years ago they put up some faux walls around part of it to make it a little less awful to look at, and we've often thought that other such installations around town could benefit from the same treatment.

Lately someone has added a message to one of the walls. We're still trying to puzzle out its meaning:

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...we've often thought that other such installations around town could benefit from the same treatment

Not only could "such installations" benefit, but many others. My votes:

2. Sandy Boulevard (Burnside to Hollywood)
3. Beaverton

That whole substation is atrocious. Too bad they can't cover it completely.

Great photo and graffiti however. Thanks Jack!

The nice thing about that graffiti is that it's tape that can easily be pulled off. Though normally an avid tag-fighter, I think it's a great comment on the other-worldly look of that full-block equipment depot. As if it were something out of a 1950's sci-fi movie.

But then again, maybe it's a message to the McDonald's drive-through directly across Halsey Street.

There's another bad one of these facilities (but smaller) on Belmont, cater-corner from the dairy. I remember when the power company wanted to slap up a big cell tower there to add insult to injury; this was a dozen years or so ago. The neighbors fought it off.

By and large, the utility people have no shame.

Obviously they're just quoting Will Smith's line from Independence Day.

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