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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pie is nigh

I had fun last night appearing on KGW's "Live @ 7" show with the leaders of tomorrow afternoon's Second Annual Portland Pie-Off contest. Once again, I'll be one of the lucky few serving as judges.

We invited viewers to show up and enter their pie into the competition, to eat the entries after the official judging is finished, or both. The event starts at 1:00 tomorrow at beautiful Peninsula Park. Last year there were 49 pies; this year, there could be twice as many. Tasty stuff! Work up an appetite at Sunday Parkways in the morning; then come up north and enjoy one of the nicest events that summer in Portland has to offer. The eating probably won't start until after 2:00 -- maybe even as late as 3:00. But do be there before the pie is gone.

Thanks to Tracy Barry and the Channel 8 crew for creating an excuse to get our pie enjoyment started early.

Comments (3)

The official City Council pie entry is still in committee...

Watch out Jack, you don't know if one of those bakers is a Sam supporter!

Sorry I missed that episode of Live @ 7.

Sometimes that show is painful to watch.

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