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Monday, August 24, 2009

New hazard on the road: Drivers distracted by making meth

Now that we've made it impossible to get Sudafed or Claritin-D without a prescription in Oregon, the tweakers are figuring out how to make meth out of a lot fewer cold pills. The new ingredient is found in "cold packs," which means that if you like those, you'd better stock up. Fireman Randy will have those locked up with the spray paint pretty soon.

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You don't need to shake the stuff. Just drive around some of the bone jarring streets in Portland.

I trust that these meth heads will responsibly dispose of their used cooking supplies at a properly licensed waste facility.

"If there is any oxygen at all in the bottle, it has a propensity to make a giant fireball," said Sgt. Jason Clark of the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control. "You're not dealing with rocket scientists here anyway. If they get unlucky at all, it can have a very devastating reaction."

One small step for meth-heads, one giant leap for Darwinism.

I'm surprised that they haven't gone after cold packs as a homeland security threat. Ammonium Nitrate is the same stuff used to demolish half of the federal building in Oklahoma City.

I call shenanigans, especially considering that the whole story is full of anecdotes and has almost no actual factual information. Sorry if I sound overly cynical, but we're talking about this coming from the same geniuses who got everyone bothered with "Satanic panic" back in the Nineties, among many others. Jack Shafer at Slate has been having lots of fun with news articles about drugs over the years, and he discovered that nearly every last tale of drug excess making the news, from "meth mouth" to "sampling parties", were pretty much manufactured by police officers either wanting to increase their budgets to take on the "menace" or to get on television. And who can forget the idiotic manufactured panic about high school students allegedly inhaling jenkem?

Hmmm..."ammonium-nitrate fertilizer"?

If that's correct, then, yeah...that's the main ingredient in homemade explosives in improvised bombs.

I hate to tell you guys this, but meth comes primarily from Mexico.

(drugs are now Mexico's #1 export)

The whole sudafed ban is absurd as is the entire "war" (term used loosely) on drugs.

The over the top headline that caught my attention this morning was a USA frontpage article that screamed that 50% of Americans were going to be struck down by the coming Swine Flu pandemic! (accompanied by a large photo of a hypo filled with vaccine)

The hype surrounding Swine Flu vaccination has been incessant. I can't get over the notion that somebody in big pharma has a slew of gold-plated lobby minions wining and dining overtime to inflate this bogeyman.

On a related subject, we are now told that Mexican cartels have armed gangs growing marijuana in the Gorge on the Washington side of the river and that hikers should "be careful."

Just legalize it, for pity's sake, and make it a non-issue.

Sorry, the newspaper carrying the article is USA TODAY, the PARADE of daily papers.

And the Nation magazine sez, "The report estimates that the epidemic will peak on October 15, the exact date U.S. health officials are expected to deliver a vaccine."

Be afraid! Be very afraid! And pay no attention to those prisoners being sent to third countries for rendition . . .

You need pseudoephedrine to make meth and since Oregon requires a prescription for it, that makes it hard for the meth making described in the article to take place here.

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