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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

E-mail me again when he shows some common sense

Several readers have sent me this story from yesterday. Fireman Randy had a hothead moment. And he's standing with Mayor Creepy, come hell or high water.

As much as I love goofing on our local politicians, and as deeply as I appreciate tips from alert readers, none of this is the least bit newsworthy. O.k., I'm a little surprised the guy in the truck wasted his breath, but that's about it.

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This might have been more fun if there had been a televised duke out. While his politics gag you must admire Fireman Randy's spunk.

Actually, I think the spunk is a symptom of the politics.

Yelling back and forth is fine, whatever. But what a weak move to go in and rat the driver out. Weak, Randy, weak.

I concur with commentor #3. Weak!

Let's settle this the good old Portland TV wrestling way: Cage Match. Winner gets an option to take Sam on for the title.

When you shout things like that at Leonard it only emboldens him. His ego is such that any and all confrontations are welcome fodder for him. He's like one of those Jerry Springer guests that just keeps escelating it until chairs are flying...Hmm maybe that could be his next career if things don't work out with Merritt...

Can't say I disagree with the first thing Randy did - tell the guy to go **** himself. Probably didn't need to go beyond that.

You stay classy, Randy.

He's trapped in the same adolescent phase that Adams never grew out of. That's why they're such buddies. Tweedle-dum & Diddle-dee. Go mentor yourself, fellas.

You're right, no surprise when Randy finishes Sam's sentences. Randy has to be getting some kind of kickback from Sam, but Sammy is making him look like a fool for supporting all of his lies now and future.

I don't get it.

Great way to show what a world-class city Portland is.

Jack, if you are waiting for that kind of message, you may as well turn off the internet permanently. Don't worry, you'll hear the huge cheer when Randy shows some common sense and resigns.

Randy is to Portland what Tonya is to Oregon. Sure he's a son-of-a-bitch, but he's ours.

I just hope he's on the take: otherwise he's dumber than a sack of hammers.

Randy is to Portland what Tonya is to Oregon.


.."go F*** yourself" now where did I hear that before? Oh yes. Dick Cheney said that on the senate floor. 'nuf said.

RANZ - it was low class when Cheney did it and it is low class when Randy Leonard does it. Next?

Randy is to Portland what Tonya is to Oregon.


Great, he's going to move into a trailer park in Clark County! Huzzah!

Please, please, please... Tonya has more class and smarts than Randy. But then I know about the $$ the media paid her to get her on air while the whole fiasco was breaking. Randy just froths at the mouth because he can.

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