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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chloe busts into the Top 10

The most popular baby names of 2008 in the United States are out. It's Jacob and Emma holding onto the top spots, followed by Michael and Isabella. Isabella! Who woulda thunk it? Then Ethan and Emily. Ethan? Really? I missed that one.

The whole list, and lots of ways to play with the data from the last 10 years, are here. And for the record: Samuel, 28 and dropping; Randy, 301 and rising; Daniel, 5 and rising; Nicholas, 29 and falling; Amanda, 138 and falling; LaVonne, not in the top 1,000; John, 20 and falling; and Jack, 39 and falling.

Comments (10)

Im just glad that we are finally emerging from the dark years of Jaden, Hayden, Braden and Caden.

How son before Jacobi is on the list?

I bet Isabella is from the Twilight books. When my older son listed "Bella" as a potential name for their next baby (due in October), I explained Twilight and asked him not to use that name. There will be lots of kids named Bella, Edward, Jacob, and Alice in the next few years, I bet.

Bela Lugosi.
Bella Abzug.
Bela Bartok.
Bela Karolyi.

Emma? Really? Are a lot of people watching re0runs of The Avengers?

"Im just glad that we are finally emerging from the dark years of Jaden, Hayden, Braden and Caden. "...

So very, very true.

Wanted to give our girls unique and strong but not strange names, so our three year old girl named Bellamy. Little did we understand that half the other 3 years old running down the concourse at the mall would have their mothers yelling "Bella" after them. Just another instance of parental best laid plans going awry. Next thing you know she will become a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat like our 7-year old.

The schools will probably encourage that.

We thought we were being original with our Ella. Alas, her name jumped from 374 in 1999 to 44 in 2003 and to 19 in 2008. John Travolta named his daughter Ella, and that was a factor, but I'm not sure what else caused so steep a jump. Anyhow, there are Ellas all over the place now.

Our younger is Greta, whose name is hanging around down at 694, right about where it was when she was born. She'll probably be the only Greta in her school all the way through.

Greta still 694? That will put to rest some of Fox News' viewership claims.

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