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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New dinner joint in Irvington

On 15th, next to Peet's, where the old stationery and gift shop used to be:

The menu looks all vegetarian.

Comments (11)

Presumably the same vegan restaurant that is in the Pearl??

Looks inviting. They have live cashews in their hummus! Or something like that. Oh, maybe that's lime. [winky wink]

(Which as near as I can tell means that they haven't been heated over 110 F which apparently "kills" them.)

Presumably the same vegan restaurant that is in the Pearl??

If you ask me, you are asking the wrong guy.

Cool. I'll check 'em out. Sounds good, so long as the prices or service don't get ya too steamed. Wouldn't want that either.

Will definitely check them out. Thanks for the pointer.

You lost me at "bbq tempeh"

Actually even if you are not a vegan, the food is very good. The Pearl restaurant is always packed.

Mark Bittman of the NYT, who is the best, is a hater.


Went there last night. Place was packed. Had to wait 30 mins for one seat.

Got the impression the pink economy will help the place somewhat.

Stir fry was fine. No alcohol,loud.

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