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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More earthquakes! On close-in east side of Portland

We blogged back in May about a small earthquake centered over by the Barley Mill Pub on Hawthorne. This morning there was another, near the southwest corner of Laurelhurst Park. And last week, there was one under the methadone clinic at 26th and Belmont. (There was also a little shaker last week under where 28th Avenue passes over the Banfield -- we'd hate to be on that bridge when the big one comes.)

Repent, Portland -- the end is near. [Via the O.]

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And when it comes, the denizens of the east slopes of the West Hills had better have their dirt surfing down. Folks at OHSU, Shriners and Veterans? When the big one hits, be prepared to end up down near the Metro Y (and a lot closer to the budding 'new campus')

Some years ago I was told that Mt. Tabor had a number of little quakes all the time. Maybe it is getting ready to blow.

this might explain the constant feeling of vertigo i have (i live at 30th and belmont)

A volcanic eruption on the east-side would be really cool! (So long as nobody gets hurt, of course)

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