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Monday, July 6, 2009

Adams recall war chest: $2,778

The folks who want to put a recall of Portland's creepy mayor on the ballot say they'll be filing their paperwork bright and early tomorrow morning, and they'll start collecting petition signatures immediately thereafter. From a press release that we just received:

As soon as the City Auditor approves the recall petition the campaign will hold a series of training sessions to educate volunteers how to legally and ethically collect their goal of 50,000 signatures in a 90 day window from active registered Portland voters. The campaign currently has over 600 volunteers and $2778.37 in donations....

Local attorney Erin Fitzgerald, of Fitzgerald Law (www.legalfitz.com), is personally volunteering her time and talent to lead the recall's legal team, who ensures that the campaign is in compliance with Oregon election and volunteer signature circulator laws. Local progressive political consulting firm Forward Support (www.forwardsupport.com) has been retained by the recall campaign to provide contribution and expenditure services. Jasun Wurster is a founding partner and partial owner of Forward Support. The recall has signed a contract with Astro Data Services (www.voterlist.com) from Corvallis, Oregon to provide voter lists and web based voter identification software.

If they can get this done, it will be one of the greatest grassroots stories in the history of the Rose City. We'll be signing the petition -- will you?

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Hi All,

With each of your volunteer help of 4 hours this July collecting signatures from your neighbors and finical donations, the citizens of Portland will hold Sam Adams accountable for willfully lying to us to get elected, orchestration of an elaborate cover-up and abusing the power we granted him.

Now is the time that the recall campaign needs you to sign up on the website and send in your donations.

Together we will make our government better,

Jasun Wurster

I'm signing, but since Wurster is obviously reading this, let me use it as an opportunity to say why I think his campaign may not succeed. The recallsamadams.com website/campaign has a number of problems, but the most off-putting one for me is that I have to register/sign into the website to read the newsletter. I used to admin. a very popular site, and experimented with a required login. Numbers dropped immediately. Make the recall campaign as transparent as possible and I'm certain you'll get more support, more volunteers, and more signatures as a result.

Alan, I couldn't agree more. I never register/sign into a website to read what the site would like me to read. You want me to read something put it on site with NO stipulations.

Nope. One election every four years is good enough for me, barring extraordinary circumstances, which I don't see in this situation.

Waste of money, if it forces a recall effort, in a time when the city is strapped for cash.


What a cop out.
As if Creepy in the mayor's office doesn't cost the city money?

Creepy is an extraordinarily inept and dishonest politician without enough integrity to be trusted with any control or decision making authority.

The recall is far beyond justified and IMO will easily succeed.
Primarily because Creepy will not get any public support from other public officials who fear being tainted should the recall be successful.

On that note, folks should be sending a clear message to those other officials that they will indeed be tarnished should they support Creepy.

For that matter any organizations or other affluent persons should be warned of boycott, shunning or other blowback if they make the mistake of supporting the disgraceful Mayor.

I'd like to sign...where do I get a petition? I bet there are a lot of people like me who just need some basic information!

"in a time when the city is strapped for cash."

What are you talking about? Randy thinks he can find $45M to throw at PGE Park.

Is there anyway to download a single copy and mail it in?

Hi Alan and Phil,

I approach the issue of web registration more from someone who has done volunteer coordination as a campaign manager than my past experience as a web admin. The need to register on the website is so that we could have some way of keeping track of people who want to volunteer. This allows us to get a valid email address and report to the press the number of those who volunteered.

Another reason for registration is that some Sam Adams supporter are very vicious. By registering this forced them to be not as anonymous with their attacks.

Though you may disagree with me about a small technical aspect of the Recall's website, I do hope that we agree that Adams needs to be held accountable for his actions and you will donate 4 hours this July collecting signatures from your friends and neighbors.

Hi Michelle,

The front page of the web site and registering to get our weekly newsletter is the best place for information.

We will file on the 7th, then we have to wait for the City Auditor to approve our petition. Once that happens we will have training sessions to give out petitions and walking lists for your neighborhood. We can not set the date for the training sessions until we get the approval from the City Auditor, which could take a few days.

We fully anticipate that Adams is going to have his lawyers try to disqualify as many signatures as they can. An example of this is found on page 23 of the Oregon recall manual has an interesting interpretation of ORS 249.865 which reads:

"Before collecting signatures, the chief petitioner must review with circulators all of the requirements and guidelines for circulating the recall petition."

This is another reason why volunteer really need to register on the website so that we can get training and information out to you quickly.

Together,by putting differences aside and registering on the website, we will make our government better,

Jasun Wurster

"some Sam Adams supporter are very vicious"

That is what's left of his base and why he'll be recalled.
Creepy is the worst Mayor this city has ever had and is supported by the worst elements in the city.

Hi Micheal M.,

If I may offer a couple counter argument to your claim of:

"Waste of money, if it forces a recall effort, in a time when the city is strapped for cash".

1) Sam Adams is forcing this citizens to recall him. He is the one who lied, conspired and tried to dupe us. At any time he can resign and save the city the emotional and financial burden of removing him from office.

2) As for wasting money. Please take a look at this weeks 'Emergency Agenda Item' number 970:


You are OK with the city spending $225,000 on retaining an external attorney for the soccer stadium... but view spending $350,000 for a special election to protect our Democracy?

We must always be vigilant in protecting our rights as citizens... especially when tell you that we can not afford to.

Jasun Wurster

I will sign the petition myself because I am sorely disappointed with the way Adams and his lawyers have cynically manipulated this situation from the beginning.

I doubt I will be going around asking others for their signatures.

With a current budget of roughly 18 cents per signature they hope to collect, I agree this campaign will go down as one of the greatest grassroots efforts in city history or it will go down in flames.

Where do I sign?

Hi None,

Thank you for your support. There are other many ways you can support the Recall. For example by donating money or if you want to In-kind some black laser printer toner for an OKI C5500 (we have thousands of pages of walking list pages to print over the next few weeks).

To sign the petition keep an eye on the website for some neighborhood events we will be at. We can not print the petitions or set dates for events until the City Auditor approves us.

Sorry for the typos in the prior posts... lack of sleep has a tendency of doing this to me ;)

Jasun Wurster

I will sign it too, but it won't help. The Portland Business Alliance spent about three hundred grand to refer voter owned elections. They had way more than the requisite signatures, but the number disqualified was higher than in any initiative in memory. Dirty tricksters in the Sten Blackmer camp signed duplicates and fraudulant names. If you think this effort, with no money and no professional organization, is not going to be squashed by the Adams machine then I have some beachfront property in Arizona I'd like to talk to you about.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your response. It's ok to have viciousness from Sam supporters. It's ok to have dissent. But when you require people to register to even VIEW parts of your site, I assure you that you lose lots of potential supporters. You _should_ try to look at this from the webmaster viewpoint rather than the campaign mgr. angle. There are people like me, who intend to sign, but maybe won't volunteer. Should I be allowed to read the newsletter? (Note: I'm already registered at the site, but got annoyed with the whole login thing, so just don't visit anymore.)

More worrisome to me is not knowing where the city auditor's loyalty lies. Was she appointed by Adams? What alliances are in her background and what motivations might she have to not approve the petition?
You can bet the Adams sleaze machine is already fired up and about to deploy whatever means necessary to smear it. Remember the chicanery used against Ball and Dozono in the election?

Suggestion. Provide all information on the site with no strings attached. Have a second, registration section for those who would like a visit from signature gatherers.

Waste of money, if it forces a recall effort, in a time when the city is strapped for cash.

Sam Adams the drama queen wastes more money in one day than it would cost to hold 10 recall elections.

"You are OK with the city spending $225,000 on retaining an external attorney for the soccer stadium"

Erm, let me guess - Steve Janik?

Jason, I would like to sign your petition, but I'm not registering at a website to find out where and how to do it. You need to make this information accessible to the people who would be willing to sign, but don't have time or money to donate. You want my signature? Make it easy for me.

Here is a link with all of the recall information without signing up.

I hope this is OK with Jack Bog for posting the link.


Jack Bog, could you post the info on neighborhood events?

Is it necessary to undergo training in order to get a petition for me to sign and perhaps to ask my spouse and a neighbor or two to also sign?

Jason--I'm with Elden. Make it easy for us! I'm not very political; my very first yard sign ever was for Sho last fall. So donating 4 hours really isn't in my frame of reference. I think that probably there are lots of people like me...keep remembering that we aren't all political junkies out here!

Also, there are so many reasons to recall him other than the Breedlove incident. Be sure to tap into those and don't be too narrow in your focus. Be inclusive!

Watch out for deadbeat signers who will be trying to undermine your petition and waste your time. I am sure slimy Sam and his defenders will use any means necessary to try to change the outcome. I also expect mainstream local and national media will be very quiet about all this for the next few days. They will want to keep him around for the ongoing tabloid dramas they feed on. If this guy stays in Portland is doomed.

Dear Michelle, Elden an all who have not yet volunteered,

A strong productive Democracy relies on an active citizenry that participates in their government. This recall will live or die by our volunteers. I implore you, as much as an inconvenience as it may be, to register on the website so that we can quickly disseminate information to you.

I will personally walk your neighborhood with you and collect signatures with you... as long as you support me. Sam Adams is relying on political apathy and fear to remain in office.

I am making it as easy as I can for you, however you need to meet me halfway.

This is what I mean when I say; Together we will make our government better.

We need all of your help to do this.

Jasun Wurster


I don't think you are getting it..... There appears to be plenty of people who are more than willing to volunteer, but you are making it quite difficult and cumbersome... If you are looking to fail, keep making it difficult for people who want to help and recall Mayor Creepy...

Wurster says, "I will personally walk your neighborhood with you and collect signatures with you... as long as you support me. (emphasis mine)

With all due respect, I wish we had someone else leading the recall effort, who realizes it's not about himself, and who can see the urgent need to open the recall site to everyone.

Thank you, Fonzi (and Jack), for undermining Jasun's self-centered game with the informative URL. It doesn't matter if _he_ gets it or not anymore, the citizens have the info they want.

Odds? I agree with Jack, inspiring alternative candidates are hard to find (and/or groom).

- Sam Adams supporter

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