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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Willy Week picks through Adams investigation pile

They turn up some interesting stuff, and raise some serious questions, but nothing like their original blockbuster reporting of the Portland mayor's teen sex problems. At least not yet.

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It's an excellent piece of work there at WW.

When you step back and appreciate the scope of this story and the number of compromised players involved the thing that strikes me is how there just are no winners. Everybody comes out looking bad. Jennifer Yocom may be the only person who is served by Kroger's report, even if only slightly. Still, what a crowd of high status fools.

What is it with reporters' fascination with polygraph (astrology in a box) devices (as in "Why didn't Kroger put him through a polygraph)?

Repeated studies (such as by the National Academy of Science) has shown that the "lie detector" is no more accurate than dunking "witches" used to be. Any public official who tries to employ them should be fired for incompetence, same as you would fire one who suggested reading goat entrails.

There must be a regular old fashioned encyclopedia at City Hall these days, judging from all the sh*t that is in the building currently.

It is sad that the best (perhaps only) investigative journalism in this city is conducted by an alt-weekly. I guess the Oregonian doesn't expect to be around in six months or a year so why bother investing the resources in investigating local governance.

I'm feeling overwhelmed trying to read through all of that, but the Anna Griffin bit is very interesting. I keep wavering on her; there are so few adequate to good reporters left at the 'o' and I've been warming up to her lately, but this seems bizarre. Will she apologize publicly?

Interesting personalty trait Samadumbs describes: ". . . my well-documented trait for action in luie of reflection kicked in. . . ."

Where have we seen that before, leading to similarly poor results or embarrassments? And people say his private life is his business and not ours?

Street cars
Bike bridge
Columbia River Crossing
Foreclosures (x2)
Lents stadium idea
Rose Garden stadium idea
and of course ...

THE TRAM (rim shot)

The most interesting thing I found was his Senator Larry Craig style "resignation letter" that was never fully followed through with. If that isnt damning, I dont know what is. He knows what he did called for a resignation but his ego got in the way.

I think the odds were long that he was going to resign during the first 48 hours or so.

I think he didn't because of his financial situation. His personal finances have always been a mess and I think he carries a 30K campaign deficit. He needs that paycheck. And in his radioactive state, job prospects would be minimal.

Perhaps, but needing money is not an acceptable excuse for not doing the right thing.

Sam Adams is an atrocious speller!

What did this big exhaustive investigation cost the tax payers. What fraud or crime got put on the back burner while they were sniffing sams crotch? He should pay the people back what it cost us. Just another reason to throw the creep out,oh and while you are at it take care of dandy randy also.

It's even better (worse?):

When one asks why Mr Kroger, et al, edited so heavily, one might
recall the advice offered by the Chilean poet and theoretical physicist, Nicanor Parra (who should have something named after him here in Stumptown):

"As we have seen, if you want to reach
The heaven of the little bourgeois,
You must be an accomplished acrobat:
To be able to get to heaven,
You must be a wonderful acrobat."

They are right in that it is pretty engrossing stuff. I think it is obviouse what went on between our esteemed mayor and his 'beau'. I couldn't care less about his personal life, but MY GOD isn't this an indication that his emotional and judgment shortcommings disclalify him from being an individual fit to run our city....and by defacto our entire State's economy?

The guy is an 8 y/o and we've pretty much given him the keys to the '67 Corvette in the garage....but at least we have Randy Leonard babysitting (yes..that was sarcasm).

I am beginning to think that the AG's office including Kroger could be part of the "obstruction of justice". Based on the recent posting of Willamette Week at 5:57PM regarding the some 30 revisions the AG office formulated, this case becomes complex. Possibly we need the federal AG to investigate what is happening here in Portland and Salem.

No doubt. Wednesday afternoon's documents from the DOJ offices raise a ton of new questions. The original report heavily and transparently scapegoated Breedlove for the investigation's failure to produce any charges. And now they are explicitly acknowledging as much. But today is the expiration date of the statute of limitations on the criminality of Adams' conduct, so it's all moot. Whatever their role, everybody wanted to be a survivor and so nobody stuck their neck out. And Adams gets a pass.

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